What is the meaning of Zimbra?

What is the meaning of Zimbra?

Zimbra is a collaborative computer program that is composed of emails, calendars, contacts, documents, etc. That is, it is a web-based application package that can be deployed as an on-premises private cloud or in the form of an external public cloud service.

What is the use of Zimbra?

Zimbra can synchronize mail, contacts, and calendar items with open-source mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Evolution and also with proprietary clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail, either through proprietary connectors or using the ActiveSync protocol, both available exclusively in the …

Who is using Zimbra?

We have data on 269 companies that use Zimbra Collaboration….Who uses Zimbra Collaboration?

Company Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Company Size >10000
Company VMware Inc
Website vmware.com
Country United States

Who uses Zimbra?

Who uses Zimbra Collaboration?

Company Website Company Size
Massachusetts Institute of Technology mit.edu >10000
VMware Inc vmware.com >10000
Blackfriars Group blackfriarsgroup.com 10-50

What is jetty used for?

A pure Java-based HTTP (Web) server and Java Servlet container. Jetty is often used for machine to machine communications, usually within larger software frameworks. It can be easily embedded in devices, tools, frameworks, application servers, and clusters.

How do I start Zimbra MTA?

1. Run command to start zimbra service: [zimbra@server ~]$ zmcontrol start Host server.example.com Starting zmconfigd… Done.

What is the architecture of Zimbra Collaboration Suite?

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite is designed to provide an end-to-end mail solution that is scalable and highly reliable. The messaging architecture is built with well-known open-system technology and standards and is composed of a mail server application and a client interface. The architecture includes the following core advantages:

How does Zimbra handle inbound mail?

The inbound Internet mail goes to any of the Zimbra MTA servers and goes through spam and virus filtering. 5 The designated Zimbra MTA server looks up the addressee’s directory information from the Zimbra LDAP replica server.

What is red hat Zimbra web client?

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Cluster Suite version 4, Update 5 or later or with Veritas™ Cluster Server by Symantec (VCS) version 5.0 with maintenance pack 1 or later. Browser based client interface. Zimbra Web Client gives users easy access to all the ZCS features. Administration console to manage accounts and servers. Core Functionality

How does MTA work in Zimbra?

The designated Zimbra MTA server looks up the addressee’s directory information from the Zimbra LDAP replica server. 6 After obtaining the user’s information from the Zimbra LDAP server, the MTA server sends the mail to the appropriate Zimbra server. 7