What is the pin configuration of 7805 voltage regulator?

What is the pin configuration of 7805 voltage regulator?

Pin Diagram of 7805 Voltage Regulator IC

1 INPUT Pin 1 is the INPUT Pin. A positive unregulated voltage is given as input to this pin.
2 GROUND Pin 2 is the GROUND Pin. It is common to both Input and Output.
3 OUTPUT Pin 3 is the OUTPUT Pin. The output regulated 5V is taken at this pin of the IC.

What is the working of IC 7805?

For 7805 IC, it is +5V DC regulated power supply. This regulator IC also adds a provision for a heat sink. The input voltage to this voltage regulator can be up to 35V, and this IC can give a constant 5V for any value of input less than or equal to 35V which is the threshold limit.

What is the pin configuration of 78xx?

The 78xx ICs have 3 pins. Two pins with positive polarity and one with negative. The negative polarity pin is common between the input and output voltages. For input, one positive polarity pin is used and for the output, the other one is used.

What is 3 pin IC regulator?

LM317 voltage regulator IC has 3 pins. The first pin is used for adjusting the output voltage, second pin is used for collecting the output and third pin is used for connecting the input.

What is voltage regulator in IC?

A voltage regulator is an integrated circuit (IC) that provides a constant fixed output voltage regardless of a change in the load or input voltage. It can do this many ways depending on the topology of the circuit within, but for the purpose of keeping this project basic, we will mainly focus on the linear regulator.

What is the output voltage of IC 7805?

7805 is a three terminal linear voltage regulator IC with a fixed output voltage of 5V which is useful in a wide range of applications.

What is the pin diagram of 7805 voltage regulator?

The pin diagram of the 7805 voltage regulator is discussed below. This voltage regulator includes three pins namely input pin, ground pin, and output pin. Each pin and its function can be discussed below. Pin1 (Input): This is an input pin, where a positive unregulated voltage can be given like an input toward this pin.

What is ICIC 7805 voltage regulator?

IC 7805 is a 5V Voltage Regulator that restricts the output voltage to 5V output for various ranges of input voltage.

What is the difference between IC 7805 and IC TO-220?

But the most frequently used package is TO-220. The equivalent ICs of this voltage regulator are IC LM7809, IC LM7806, IC LM317, IC LM7905, IC XC6206P332MR & IC LM117V33. The main features of the IC 7805 voltage regulator include t following. It uses fewer components to work properly. It delivers the current up to 1.5 A.