What is the temperature in Darjeeling in May?

What is the temperature in Darjeeling in May?

Best Season to visit Darjeeling

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Season
March – April 6-17°C Strong winds and hail
May – July 11-19°C Moderate rainfall
June – September 13-19 °C High rainfall
October –November 6-18°C Moderate rainfall

Is it cold in Darjeeling in May?

May to Mid-June Summer starts in May and lasts until Mid-June. The average temperature during summer varies between 11°C to 19°C. While May remains a very popular tourist month in Darjeeling, there are chances of occasional showers and hails during this time.

Does it rain in Darjeeling in May?

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Darjeeling in May is 10.5°C (50.9°F). The amount of rain in May is high with an average of 138mm (5.4in). It rains on average a total of 11 days. You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day.

What is the lowest temperature recorded in Darjeeling?

The lowest ever temperature recorded so far in Darjeeling town is -6.7°C which occurred in February.

Is May a good time to visit Darjeeling?

While summer months from April to June are the ideal time to travel to Darjeeling, some travellers including couples also prefer to visit the beautiful town during winter months from October to December.

Which is more cold Darjeeling or Gangtok?

Though the weather in Darjeeling is subtropical with high humidity. Gangtok’s climate is somehow similar to the Darjeeling climate. The weather in Gangtok remains relatively cooler and is ideal for a trip.

Which is better Shimla or Darjeeling?

Shimla is little clean compare to Darjeeling. But Darjeeling has more attractions (e.g. Tiger Hill, Sandakphu trek, lavish accommodation amidst tea garden. Even one can extend the visit to Sikkim, which is 3 hrs drive from Darjeeling. Both of them has toy train also.