What is the walls of Jericho WWE?

What is the walls of Jericho WWE?

The Walls of Jericho, which is a variation of the Boston Crab, is the finishing submission hold of Chris Jericho. The move is applied when one wrestler hooks another wrestler’s legs under his arms, turns them over on their stomach, pulls back on the legs and sits down on the lower back.

Is the Boston Crab a real move?

The Boston Crab, a pro wrestling finishing move, actually forced a MMA fighter to submit over the weekend. Pro wrestling may not be a “real” sport, but there is nothing fake about some of the moves as they certainly do hurt.

What wrestler invented the Boston Crab?

When naming its innovator, some wrestling fans want to give credit to the creator of the Boston Crab (even though we don’t know who that is with any real certainty) and others say that Dory Funk Jr. and his Cloverleaf really deserves most of the credit for putting a literal twist on that classic leg submission.

How old is Chris Jericho?

51 years (November 9, 1970)Chris Jericho / Age

Does Figure 4 Leglock hurt?

Figure Four Leglock There are a ton of variations on the move, such as the “Lucky 13” used by Corey Graves in NXT, but the original is still a classic, and arguably still the most painful.

Is the Boston Crab allowed in MMA?

The original name for the maneuver was the Backbreaker, before that term became known for its current usage. In modern wrestling, the Boston crab is not treated as a lethal submission maneuver, even though it was considered a match-ending hold in the past.

Who invented the jackhammer wrestling move?

Jaguar Yokota
Suplex powerslam The move was innovated by Jaguar Yokota in the 1980s, but was popularized by Bill Goldberg in WCW, who called it the Jackhammer.

What does Y2J stand for WWE?


Acronym Definition
Y2J Chris Jericho (WWF Sports-Entertainer)
Y2J Yuming Lai and Jane Huang (Chinese rock duo)

What happened to walls of Jericho?

The split was delayed and eventually shelved, but Undecided Records included Walls of Jericho’s recording on the Various Artists compilation The Old, The New, The Unreleased, released in January 2005. After unsuccessful auditions to fill the vacant drummer position, the band went into hiatus.

Who sang walls of Jericho in the TV show Jericho?

“Walls of Jericho”, a song by industrial pioneers Cabaret Voltaire Walls of Jericho (album), debut album by German power metal band Helloween “Walls of Jericho” ( Jericho episode), 2006 episode of American TV series Jericho

What year did Helloween release walls of Jericho?

Walls of Jericho is the debut full-length studio album by German power metal band Helloween, released in 1985 on LP by Noise Records. It is the only album featuring Kai Hansen as lead vocalist until 2021’s Helloween, although he would continue to act as guitarist on the two following albums. In 1988, Walls of Jericho was released on CD.

What does wall of Jericho stand for?

Walls of Jericho may refer to: Wall of Jericho, Pre-Pottery Neolithic A defensive or flood protection wall of the city of Jericho.