What is Xtone?

What is Xtone?

The XTONE series is a high-quality mobile intelligent audio interface that is compatible with all software effects on the market, such as “BIAS FX, JamUp, Revalver4, Guitar rig, etc.” XTONE features foot control and a rich audio interface to suit your application.

What is the sampling rate of the Xtone pro?

Like XTONE, XTONE Pro is designed for the software effects and has an ultra-high sampling rate of 192KHz. For a better experience with software effects, Pro is optimized for latency and dynamic range compared to traditional audio interfaces.

What is the Xtone voice assistant?

The xtone Voice Assistant is an intelligent agent that lets users complete tasks by speaking naturally to their mobile app. A Voice Assistant can understand spoken input, respond to a query, collect information to complete a task, or simply help a user navigate to a destination in the mobile app.