What kind of people are Cypriots?

What kind of people are Cypriots?

The majority of the island’s population, 78%, is of Greek Cypriot ethnicity while 18% is Turkish Cypriot. Cypriots are highly educated and multilingual. The official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish, however, English is widely spoken and written and is the language of international business.

What are Cypriots known for?

-Cypriots are known for being very hospitable and will love to show you around and tell you all about their culture. They’re proud of it and want to show their traditions to the world.

What is considered rude in Cyprus?

Do not walk around with bare feet in public. It is rude to yawn when talking with people of authority or family. Binge drinking and heavy drunkenness is frowned upon. It is not always obligatory to tip, though people in service jobs will greatly appreciate it.

Are Cypriot people nice?

The people of Cyprus are nice and warm The people of Cyprus are known to be very friendly and accommodating to foreign nationals living on the island. Cypriots are very loyal and have a love for food, traditions and their cultural heritage. From my experience, Cypriots are well educated and often speak fluent English.

Why is Cyprus unique?

They’re unique in Cyprus because of their peristyle court structure, influenced by Egyptian architecture. In layman’s terms, this means they were built like courtyards with colonnades and roofs. The ancient Egyptians believed the tombs of the dead should resemble the houses of the living.

Are Cypriots hospitable?

Last but not least, Cypriots are such hospitable people that they are very likely to open the door of their house widely and invite you inside!

Why is Cyprus so special?

Cyprus, Greek Kípros, Turkish Kıbrıs, an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea renowned since ancient times for its mineral wealth, superb wines and produce, and natural beauty.

How do people greet in Cyprus?

The verbal greeting among Greek Cypriots is “Yiasoo” (Hello), whilst the Turkish greeting is “Merhaba” or “Salam” (Hello). English greetings are also common throughout Cyprus. When addressing strangers, elders or people in formal settings, it is polite to use their title and last name.

How should I behave in Cyprus?

Shake hands, smile, and maintain direct eye contact during the greeting. Many Turkish Cypriots lower their eyes during the greeting as a sign of respect. Very religious Muslims do not shake hands with women. Wait to be invited before using someone’s first name.

Are Cypriots similar to Greeks?

One could even say that modern-day Cypriot Greek could be closer to Ancient Greek than modern Greek itself. Resemblances are found in almost all aspects of the dialect. There are lexical and grammatical similarities. In some cases, Cypriot words are exactly the same with Ancient Greek words.