What nationality is dalex?

What nationality is dalex?

AmericanDalex / Nationality

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Pedro David Daleccio Torres (born October 7, 1990), known professionally as Dalex, is a American Urbano singer.

Whats Dalex real name?

Pedro David Daleccio TorresDalex / Full name

How old is dalex?

31 years (October 7, 1990)Dalex / Age

Is Dalex Puerto rico?

Dalex, born Pedro David Daleccio Torres in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but raised in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico, kicked off his music career in 2013 as part of the duo Jayma & Dalex.

Where is dalex reggaeton from?

Dalex was born in Philadelphia in 1990. His parents divorced when he was 11 and he moved first to Allentown, Pennsylvania; after difficulty adjusting there, he moved to Puerto Rico in 2012. Deeply influenced by vintage reggaeton and North American R&B, the youngster wrote poems and rhymes for himself in a journal.

How old is Rosalía?

28 years (September 25, 1993)Rosalía / Age

How did Rauw Alejandro become famous?

He quickly developed a reputation as a triple-threat talent. He was signed to the Under Music Group label, which nurtured his writing and singing talent. The label began issuing his singles in June of 2016, including “No Me Siento Igual” (feat. Joyce Santana), “Dias Asi,” and “Se Tú” (feat.

Is Rauw Alejandro dating Rosalía?

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía are the new relationship goals. The couple recently became Instagram official and made their red carpet debut together earlier this month. While chatting with ET’s Denny Directo last week, the 28-year-old Puerto Rican singer praised his lady love.

Where did Rauw Alejandro go to school?

Alejandro was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When he was a child his family moved (temporarily) to the United States before returning to the island. His first passion was soccer, a sport he practiced seriously while studying at the Maria Auxiliadora School.