What new car games are coming out PS4?

What new car games are coming out PS4?

The Best Racing Games on the PS4 in 2022

  • Crew 2. Crew 2, released on the PS4 on June 29, 2018, is more than just fast, sporty cars and F1 windbreakers trying to beat others to the finish line.
  • Gran Turismo 7.
  • Project CARS 3.
  • DiRT 5.
  • Nascar Heat 5.
  • Assetto Corsa.
  • DiRT Rally 2.0.
  • F1 2021.

Are there any car games on PS4?

As racing series go, “Gran Turismo” is almost synonymous with “PlayStation.” While Gran Turismo 7 is on its way for PS4 and PS5, at present, the most recent game in the series is Gran Turismo Sport.

Will Forza ever come to PlayStation?

Forza is an exclusive Microsoft franchise, and it’s unlikely that it will come to other places. If this changes at all, this post will be updated with the new information. As for now, Forza Horizon 5 is not coming to PS4 or PS5.

Is Forza available on PS4?

Sadly, no – the game is currently an Xbox and PC exclusive. Published by Microsoft, there’s no reason for the company to release its games on rival systems such as the PS4 and PS5. For that same reason, we won’t see Halo Infinite, Gears 6, or the next Fable arrive on PlayStation platforms.

What is the latest NASCAR game to get?

NASCAR Heat 4 NASCAR Heat 4 is the game to get if you’re a NASCAR fan. As the official video game of NASCAR, the latest entry in the series features the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series, and the Xtreme Dirt Tour.

Are there any racing games on the PlayStation 4?

This console generation, the Sony PlayStation 4 has really led the way with epic exclusives such as God of War, Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn. But that doesn’t mean racing enthusiasts have been left out. If you own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro and looking for a racing game, you’ve come to the right place.

Are there any new PS4 games coming in 2021?

There’s all manner of new PS4 games, adventures, and experiences to dive into in 2021 and beyond. We’ve put together a list of all of most anticipated upcoming PS4 games to add to your wish list.

Is there a next Gran Turismo game coming out?

At the time of this article’s publish date, there are only rumors about the next Gran Turismo game. It’s widely believed that it’s currently in development for the next-generation PlayStation 5 and it could even be a launch title.