What size are retaining wall blocks?

What size are retaining wall blocks?

For heavy-duty walls up to 30 ft. tall, go with full-size blocks. They’re 16 to 18 in. long x 6 to 8 in.

How deep should retaining wall blocks be?

They should be buried about 1 inch deep for every 8 inches of wall height. This provides strength and stability to your retaining wall. Make sure that your trench is level and compacted.

How wide should a retaining wall be?

Rules of thumb commonly used by designers to establish the geometry of the wall include (refer to diagram): Base width = 1/2 to 1/3 of the height of the wall. Base thickness = 1/8 of the height of the wall but not less than 12 inches. Stem thickness = 6 inches + ΒΌ inch for each foot of wall height.

How much does a 12 retaining wall block weigh?

The average weight of a retaining wall block is around 53 lbs and, per pallet, the weight is around 2190 lbs.

How deep should a 3 foot retaining wall be?

The general rule of thumb is to bury about one-eighth of the height of the wall. For example, if your wall will be three feet (36 inches) tall, the first course of blocks should start five inches below soil level.

How much does a pallet of landscape blocks weigh?

Weight per pallet: 2190 lbs.

How much does a 16 inch retaining wall block weigh?

A Versa Lok retaining wall block unit is 16 inches wide, 6 inches high, and weighs about 80 pounds. You can find weathered units of Versa Lok blocks that weigh a little less, about 37 pounds per block.

How far apart should posts be for a retaining wall?

Retaining wall posts should be at least three feet apart. The distance can be slightly longer or shorter if it works better with your measurements. However, you shouldn’t go more than seven feet apart to make sure your wall is sturdy enough.

How tall should retaining wall be?

between 3 and 4 feet high
On average, most retaining walls are between 3 and 4 feet high. This is optimal because it doesn’t require any anchors, or expensive engineering methods, though in some cases the wall must be higher.

How to calculate retaining wall?

H: Height of the retaining wall

  • L: Width of the base
  • D: Thickness of the base
  • B: Width of the toe
  • C: Stem thickness at the bottom
  • T: Stem thickness at the top
  • How much do large retaining wall blocks cost?

    Large retaining wall block prices are $25 to $100 per block for materials. Installing

    How many retaining wall blocks do I Need?

    Using the sample numbers above, we would need 67.2/0.4167 = 162 blocks. To account for breakage, you should buy several more. Estimate the amount of gravel needed to pack the trench at the base of the retaining wall.

    How to build a small retaining wall?

    Retaining walls can be constructed using a variety of materials, from poured concrete and large timbers to natural stones, even bricks. For DIY purposes, opt for manufactured blocks that are designed specifically for building retaining walls; a locking flange along the bottom edge creates a secure attachment between rows.