What year is a 1966 plate?

What year is a 1966 plate?

So, for example, if you selected a 17 series New style reg (2017), you’d only be able to display it on a vehicle first registered on or after this date. You couldn’t put it on a 55 reg (2005) vehicle….Suffix Letter Age Identifier.

1963 A
1964 B
1965 C
1966 D

What registration is 66 plate?

The new car registration number, 66, was first released on Thursday September 1 2016. This number is known as the age identifier and will appear on the number plates of new cars in the UK. The digits 66 will show that the car was registered between the start of September 2016 and the end of February 2017.

What year is a 67 registration plate?

From September 1st 2017 new ’67’ registration number plates will be introduced with all new cars manufactured after this date sporting the updated information. The number is referred to as the car’s age identifier. What the 67 means is the the car was registered between September 2017 and February 2018.

What year is the old D Reg?

D reg year (D??????) – 1st August 1986 to 31st July 1987. E reg year (E??????) – 1st August 1987 to 31st July 1988. F reg year (F??????) – 1st August 1988 to 31st July 1989. G reg year (G??????) – 1st August 1989 to 31st July 1990.

What year is car Reg W?

Prefix Registration Plates

Prefix From To
V August 1999 February 2000
W March 2000 July 2000
X August 2000 February 2001
Y March 2001 July 2001

What year is a 66 registration?

Age identifier

Year 1 March to end August 1 September to end February
2015/16 15 65
2016/17 16 66
2017/18 17 67
2018/19 18 68

What year is a 77 number plate?

Number Plate Series Release Dates and Age Identifiers

Age Identifier Release Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
77 series 01-09-2027
78 series 01-09-2028
79 series 01-09-2029
80 series 01-09-2030

How old is a 67 plate vehicle?

For example: • ’17’ was introduced in March 2017 and ’67’ in September 2017 • ’18’ in March 2018 and ’68’ in September 2018 • ’19’ in March 2019 and ’69’ in September 2019 • ’20’ in March 2020 and ’70’ in September 2020 • ’21’ in March 2021 and ’71’ in September 2021 So, a car with a ’20’ plate was registered between …

What is the year of registration on a car?

Car Registration Years. Enter your initials, name, anything!!! On cars and vehicles registered after the suffix number plate style came into play in 1963, the number plate used to always have a year identifier. There may be restrictions on what registration plate you can have on your vehicle, depending on the age of it.

When did they start putting letters on car registration numbers?

This process started in 1983 (before then the letters were used as a suffix on the number plate), and ran all the way to 2001. From 2001 car registration years have been signified by numbers which denote the year they were registered.

Where do I find the age identifier on a car registration?

The age identifier is at the end of the registration number on suffix registrations and were issued to new vehicles between February 1963 and July 1983.

What do the numbers on a car registration mean?

The registrations consist of two letters, followed by two numbers that help identify the age of the vehicle, and three letters at the end. For example: Below is a table showing the issue dates for car registrations bearing current style plates.