When will closed school information appear in PEPS?

When will closed school information appear in PEPS?

School closures are not always immediately reported, so some closed school information will be delayed and will not appear until it has been entered into PEPS and compiled on the following Friday. Actual closure dates will be reflected in the report once it’s available. Monthly Closed School File:

Where can I find all closed schools?

All closed schools can be found in the Closed School Search File. This is an Excel spreadsheet, so you need to have that application on your computer (for use with Excel 2010 or later). See the search instructions for help in finding specific schools in this file. There is also a copy of the spreadsheet for users with older versions of Excel.

What are the sections of a school closure report?

The reports below contain two sections. Section I lists all the closed schools reported during the month. Section II lists the changes or updates to schools already in Postsecondary Education Participants System (PEPS) or to school closure data that was in error.

How do I contact the school office about school closings and delays?

To inquire about school closings, delays, or other school emergency situations please call (231) 924-7317.

When do schools close in New York State?

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed an executive order directing all schools in New York to close by Wednesday, March 18 for two weeks ending April 1. At that time, the state will reassess whether to extend the school closures further and continue to suspend the 180-day instructional requirement.

What if a school is not on the closed school monthly report?

If you are aware of a school closure that has not appeared on the Closed School Monthly Report, please notify the appropriate School Participation Division contact.