Where can I find hidden candy in my house?

Where can I find hidden candy in my house?


  1. A high cabinet 32%
  2. Their dresser 32%
  3. Their desk 26%
  4. Their closet 24%
  5. Above the fridge 22%
  6. In their bag 22%
  7. In their car 18%
  8. Under their bed 10%

How do you steal candy from your parents?

Wear a jacket with lots of pockets. This will give you lots of hiding places for your candy. It’s even better if the jacket has pockets on the inside, as your parents won’t be able to spot the bulges from the candy so easily. Get the candy.

How can I hide my food in my bedroom?

A drawer under clothes, in a box under your bed, or in your closet are all fine places to hide snacks. What should I do if I have a large stash but little hiding spaces or areas? Try to categorize them – crackers here, gummies there. It’s always easier when you don’t have to dig through to find the food you want.

How do you hide your candy stash?

If you have a dog or any other kind of pet that could sniff it out, you should hide your candy up high. Thanks! Keep your candy in the wrappers. This will not only keep your room clean, but it will also prevent ants and other critters. Thanks! If you have an old bag that you don’t use, hide your secret stash in there! Thanks!

How do I stash snacks in my room?

In this article, wikiHow teaches you how to stash snacks in your room! Wait until your parents aren’t home, are asleep, or are in their room. Or, alternatively, you could try to sneak them up while they are awake and moving about. This is more challenging, and a bag (ex: a purse) or hoodie (with pockets) may be needed.

How do I hide candy from my siblings if we share rooms?

Wrap it in your undies or create a secret compartment somewhere. Maybe you could tape the candy to the underside of your bed. Thanks! How do I hide candy from my siblings if we share a room? Hide it in something your siblings wouldn’t want to touch, like your underwear drawer. Thanks! Could you put it in a small drawer?

Do you throw candy wrappers in the trash?

If you have a trashcan in your room or home, don’t throw the wrappers away in that. If someone sees candy wrappers in the trashcan, they will suspect that you are hiding candy in your room. Instead, throw the candy away at school (or hide it underneath other things in the trash).