Where is RCD Espanyol located?

Where is RCD Espanyol located?

Barcelona, Spain
Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain
RCD Espanyol de Barcelona/Locations

Is el clasico a derby?

Barcelona vs Real Madrid We start off with one of the most famous derbies in the world, El Clasico.

When did Espanyol last finish above Barcelona?

Espanyol have finished above their bitter rivals only 4 times in 84 years. In 1996, Barcelona defeated Espanyol in the Copa Del Rey Semi Finals. They eventually lost the Final to Atletico Madrid. In 2000, Barcelona lost to Atletico in the Semis and complained of fixture congestion.

What does RCD Espanyol stand for?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. RCD Espanyol Femení (Real Club Deportivo Español) is the women’s football section of RCD Espanyol and was founded in 1970. RCD Espanyol was one of the pioneering teams in women’s football in Spain, playing its first match as early as 1970.

What is the history of Espanyol FC?

RCD Español in 1912. Espanyol was founded on 28 October 1900 by Ángel Rodríguez Ruiz (1879–1959), an engineering student at the University of Barcelona. The club’s original home was in the well-off district of Sarrià; Espanyol was the first club in Spain to be formed exclusively by Spanish fans of the game.

What is Espanyol’s Cantera?

The cantera ( quarry) of Spanish professional football club RCD Espanyol is the organisation’s youth academy, developing players from childhood through to the integration of the best prospects into the adult teams. The final category within the youth structure is the Juvenil A under-18/19 team which represents the club in national competition.

Why is Espanyol called Real and not Real Deportivo?

Espanyol are one of several Spanish football clubs granted patronage by the Spanish crown and thus entitled to use Real in their names and the royal crown on their badge. This right was granted to Espanyol in 1912 by Alfonso XIII and the club subsequently became known as the Real Club Deportivo Español.