Which Bona mop is best for hardwood floors?

Which Bona mop is best for hardwood floors?

The Bona Premium Spray Mop makes cleaning your hardwood floors effortless. Featuring a durable, lightweight design, extra-large mop head, residue-free Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner in a refillable cartridge, and the washable Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad.

Is Bona good to use on hardwood floors?

Bona ticks all the right boxes as a floor cleaner. It’s safe and simply ideal for hardwood floors. It can even be trusted on priceless old hardwood floors of a colonial house. All the sticky spots, dirt, and grime will be gone post haste.

What’s the difference between Bona and Bona professional?

As you’ve read above, you now know that the main difference between Bona Professional vs original series is that the pro series is a stronger, more aggressive cleaner. And the benefits of the Bono Pro series make it even more desirable.

Is Bona or Swiffer better?

Bona’s mop distributes cleaning solution more evenly than the Swiffer WetJet. Bona’s mop head is significantly wider (15 inches) than Swiffer’s (9 inches), which makes it easier to clean large rooms but more difficult to navigate in small spaces. Bona’s spray mop comes with a reusable microfiber mop pad.

How long does a Bona mop last?

300 machine washes
The microfiber mop pad is reusable and, according to Bona, will last up to 300 machine washes. Not only is this good for your wallet, but it also protects the environment.

Which is better Swiffer or Bona?

Is Bona a good brand?

Customers are looking for a streak-free, hassle-free product, and Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner delivers. The Good Housekeeping Institute ranks it as the best out of 24 floor cleaning products because it was easy to use, and it decimated their scuff marks and Jell-O spills faster than any other brand.

How often should you clean hardwood floors with Bona?

Monthly schedule – polish Polish wood floors every 2-4 months, depending on the traffic in your home, to add extra shine and protection. Hardwood floor polish renews and refreshes the finish that protects your floor.

What is the difference in the bona mops?

What is this? The only difference between these two products is that the first one comes with the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner pre-loaded in the cartridge, and the second comes with a cartridge full of Bona Hard Surface Cleaner.

Can I use Bona with Swiffer?

What is this? Once your Swiffer WetJet is set up, press the button on top of the handle to spray the solution and mop away. Unlike the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop, which Bona recommends for hardwoods only, the Swiffer WetJet is compatible with many surfaces including wood, ceramic tile, vinyl, and laminate.

Is bona safe for wood floors?

Bottom line—Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner does the job well, it has a neutral pH, and it’s biodegradable and safe for your family. Although it’ll cost a little more than vinegar and water, your hardwood floors will thank you in the long run.

Where to buy bona floor cleaner?

– Professional formula – Dries fast with no streaking or residue – pH neutral – Safe for all LVT, LVP, and WPC flooring – Ready to use – just spray and mop

How to assemble the Bona premium Spray Mop?

The Bona Premium Spray Mop for Wood Floors is a spray mop that combines a convenient cartridge containing Bona Wood Floor Cleaner with the Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad. The grip on the sturdy handle has a trigger that releases a fine mist, making it quick and easy to clean your wood floors.

How to use bona floor cleaner?

Using Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is simple: Step 1: First, vacuum your floors to remove loose dirt and dust. Step 2: Next, spray Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner liberally on your floor using the spray bottle that it comes in or apply it using the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop (see on Amazon).