Which platform is used for IoT?

IoT Platform Comparison

Which platform is used for IoT?

IoT Platform Comparison

IoT platform Services Device management platform
IRI Voracity Runtime aggregation on the edge, and/or analytics in hub. No
Particle Hardware, Connectivity, Device Cloud, and Apps. Yes
ThingWorx End-to-end Industrial IoT platform. Yes
IBM Watson IoT Connection Service, Analytics Service, Blockchain Service. Yes

What are the key technologies used for M2M and IoT?

M2M and the Internet of Things M2M systems use peer-to-peer communications between machines, sensors, and hardware over wired or wireless networks, while IoT systems rely on IP-based networks to send data collected from connected devices to gateways, cloud platforms, or middleware.

How Mobile Internet is used in IoT and M2M applications?

M2M systems use point-to-point communications between machines, sensors and hardware over cellular or wired networks, while IoT systems rely on IP-based networks to send data collected from IoT-connected devices to gateways, the cloud or middleware platforms.

Is M2M and IoT the same?

The biggest difference between M2M and IoT is that an M2M system uses point-to-point communication. An IoT system, meanwhile, typically situates its devices within a global cloud network that allows larger-scale integration and more sophisticated applications.

How many types of IoT platforms are there?

Currently, there are more than 600 publicly known Internet of Things platforms globally. However, the leaders — Amazon AWS IoT Core, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and IBM Watson — still hold their positions as the top three Internet of Things app development platforms.

How many IoT platforms are there?

From 2015 to 2019, the number of publicly known IoT platforms more than doubled from 260 to 620. However, since 2019, that number has decreased slightly to 613. The number of IoT platforms might have stopped growing, but the size of the market has still increased substantially.

What is machine-to-machine communication in IoT?

Machine to Machine : This is commonly known as Machine to machine communication. It is a concept where two or more than two machines communicate with each other without human interaction using a wired or wireless mechanism. M2M is an technology that helps the devices to connect between devices without using internet.

What is machine-to-machine communication?

Machine to Machine communications, often termed M2M/IoT is going to be the next generation of Internet revolution connecting more and more devices on Internet. M2M communications refer to automated applications which involve machines or devices communicating through a network without human intervention.

Which wireless network is suitable for M2M?

LTE Cat 0 and Cat 1 are reduced-function versions of LTE designed for low power and low speed to match the needs of M2M. M2M applications, also called machine-type communications (MTC), use the existing cellular network in licensed spectrum rather than short-range wireless and the internet.

Why IoT is better than M2M?

The key difference between IoT and M2M is that IoT connects any device to the Internet for better performance, and M2M is the connection of two or more than two devices with the Internet for data sharing and analytics.

What is an example of M2M communication in a home with the IoT connection?

Home Appliances For example, an M2M-capable washing machine could send alerts to the owners’ smart devices once it finishes washing or drying, and a smart refrigerator could automatically order groceries from Amazon once its inventory is depleted.