Who is Akira Nakai san?

Who is Akira Nakai san?

Akira Nakai (中井啓, shortly known as Nakai-san) is the founder of Rauh Welt Begriff, a Japanese tuning shop that is known for its custom bodywork for air cooled Porsche 911 cars. His most famous work is a Porsche 911 Turbo called “Stella Artois”.

Who owns stella artois RWB?

Akira Nakai
Akira Nakai is a Japanese car tuner, founder of Porsche tuning company RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB), which specializes in the design and installation of custom wide-body kits for classic Porsche models.

What does RWB stand for in cars?

RAUH-Welt Begriff
RAUH-Welt Begriff, better known as “RWB” in the Porsche community and car-modifying world, is a shop that specializes in making some of the coolest Porsche 911s around. Founded in Japan by Akira Nakai, RWB combines Japanese and Euro tuning elements to transform 911s into even more outrageous performance beasts.

What was the first RWB?

This 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 was the first 911 to undergo the RWB treatment in the United States, according to the seller. Painted in Mignonette Green, it features the comically oversized fenders synonymous with the Rauh-Welt name.

Who created RWB Porsche?

Left to right: RAUH-Welt Begriff international director: Ichiraku Toshiya, RAUH-Welt Begriff founder/owner: Akira Nakai. RAUH-Welt Begriff Pandora One Porsche at SEMA 2011.

Which Porsches are air-cooled?

The last road-going Porsche car to come with an air-cooled engine was the 993 generation Porsche 911. The 993’s flat-six produced over 400 horsepower in some variants, and remains one of the most powerful air-cooled engines ever fitted to a production car.

What Porsche is used in RWB?


How much is an RWB worth?

With an asking price just shy of $220,000, all of that customized Porsche goodness doesn’t come cheap. But even laying eyes on a one-of-a-kind custom RWB is something few people can say they’ve done, let alone own one. And hey, it’s still cheaper than a Singer.