Who is the husband of Lisa Macuja?

Who is the husband of Lisa Macuja?

Fred J. Elizalde
Macuja married Fred J. Elizalde on June 7, 1997.

What is the story of ballet presentation of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde?

It was the ballet that started it all. At 14, Ballet Manila CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde saw Swan Lake with Prima Ballerina Yoko Morishita as the Swan Queen in all her tiny might. The encounter ignited a spark in Lisa, inspiring her to become the dancer and icon that she is today.

How old is Lisa Macuja?

57 years (October 3, 1964)Lisa Macuja-Elizalde / Age

Who is the most famous ballerina in the Philippines?

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is undoubtedly the most phenomenal ballerina the country has ever produced. Her career is best summed up by these numbers: 28 years of dancing the lead in over 300 full-length ballets, performed in 90 cities that span five continents around the globe.

Is Fred Elizalde still alive?

Fred Elizalde
Born December 12, 1907 Manila, Philippines
Died January 16, 1979 (aged 71) Manila, Philippines
Genres Classical, jazz, dance band
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, conductor, bandleader

What is the title of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde?

Offstage, Macuja-Elizalde is also recognized for her vision and leadership in the local arts community. She served as Commissioner of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women and as Vice-Chairman of the Philippine UNESCO National Commission.

Is Lisa Macuja-Elizalde a National Artist?

Santiago also sent a letter to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts formally nominating Macuja-Elizalde for National Artist for Dance. The senator stated that the prima ballerina has brought ballet closer to the hearts of the Filipino masses through outreach performance tours throughout the country.

Who is the founder of Ballet Philippines?

Alice Reyes
Founded in 1969 by Alice Reyes, Eddie Elejar and the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Ballet Philippines (BP) is widely recognized today as a cornerstone of the Filipino cultural identity.

Who is the Philippines first prima ballerina *?

Maniya Barredo
Maniya Barredo celebrates her 60th year as a professional ballerina. Maniya Barredo, who became the first and only prima ballerina from the Philippines at 26 years old, has had a magnificent dancing career. Now into her 60th year as a professional ballerina, she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.