Who is the youngest person to win the Powerball?

Who is the youngest person to win the Powerball?

But in the United States, the youngest Powerball jackpot winner, known as Jonathan ‘Jay’ Vargas, was 19 when he collected his prize.

Who was the youngest person to win the Mega Millions?

Farrah Slad joined the exclusive ranks of the “21 and under to have won the lottery” club.

  • Shane Missler was the newly minted millionaire thanks to the Mega Millions jackpot in 2018.
  • Frederick Walker, a 19-year-old Florida boy, was no different than anyone who had a dream of financial security and comfort.
  • Where was the winning Powerball ticket sold 10 4 21?

    Morro Bay
    4, 2021, Powerball drawing for a jackpot estimated at $697 million. According to the California Lottery, the winning ticket was sold at Albertsons in Morro Bay, which is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is the sixth-largest jackpot in Powerball history.

    What is Powerball first millionaire of the year 2021?

    Carlos Mabry
    Just after midnight, Carlos Mabry from Washington, D.C. was named the 2021 POWERBALL First Millionaire of the Year. In 2020, Blaine Marston from Passadumkeag, Maine was named the inaugural POWERBALL First Millionaire of the Year.

    What is the most Powerball has ever been?

    The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. To date, Powerball holds the world record for largest jackpot set in 2016. The record $1.586 billion jackpot was shared by winners in California, Florida and Tennessee.

    Who was the last person to win the lottery?

    He was noted for being the winner of a 2002 lottery jackpot. His win of US$314.9 million in the Powerball multi-state lottery was, at the time, the largest jackpot ever won by a single winning ticket in the history of American lottery….Jack Whittaker (lottery winner)

    Jack Whittaker
    Known for Winning the Powerball in December 2002

    How do you become a first millionaire on POWERBALL?

    SCAN POWERBALL TICKETS. Log in to your VIP Club account in the app and choose “Enter Drawings” and then “Powerball First Millionaire of the Year” button.