Who is Zhou Bing?

Who is Zhou Bing?

Zhou Bing ( 周兵; born 1 April 1968) is a Chinese documentary director. He holds a PhD from the College of History at Nankai University. Zhou has been named “Best Documentary Film Director” three times and has created over 100 documentaries and other productions. His works include Palace, Dun Huang, and Road of Millennia Bodhi.

Who is Zhou En-Lai?

In May 2003, Zhou served as the chief director of Imperial Palace, a full-length documentary. This was the first time that the Imperial Palace fully and openly cooperated with CCTV, and was a prominently large-scale television production through jointly and solidly sorting China’s history, culture, and art.

Why isn’t Zhang Zhou at the 2022 Olympics closing ceremony?

Zhou, who won silver as part of the team event at the beginning of the Winter Games, wrote on his Instagram Story Sunday that he was identified as a close contact and thus was not allowed to attend the 2022 Olympics closing ceremony.

What did Zhou say about loneliness?

“I’ve isolated myself so much that the loneliness I’ve felt in the last month or two has been crushing at times. The enormity of the situation, just the pain of it all is pretty insane,” Zhou said in his Feb. 7 video.