Can a longboard brake?

Can a longboard brake?

Avoid some gnarly wipe outs by riding with the longboard skateboard brakes. A foot pedal mounted at the front activates a powerful braking system designed to give the rider more control during potentially dangerous downhill runs.

How much is a Never Summer longboard?

Super stable, downhill capabilities and a shape that even a beginner will love, the Clutch is the perfect do-it-all board and it comes in just under $200. With a drop thru mount and drop-down deck, the Clutch keeps you nice and low for high stability even in fast conditions.

What is the easiest style longboard to ride?

Drop-through boards are functionally the best for beginners. They are super-low to the ground, which makes them easy to push, footbrake and slide. Drop-through longboards are a great place to start longboarding, as they make it easy to learn all the basics of longboarding.