Can I check my matric results online?

Can I check my matric results online?

You can follow the instructions below to check for matric results online: Step 1: Visit the website of the Department of Education matric results page. Step 2: Enter your examination number. Step 3: More personal details may be required.

How do I download statement of results for Grade 7?

Download ECZ e Statement Of Results

  1. To get started visit:;
  2. Click on option 2 which reads” e-STATEMENTS OF RESULTS” on the list of links, then;
  3. On the next page, Click e-Statement of Results.
  4. Click on “CANDIDATE SIGN IN”
  5. Select the level you want to check the results for in the select box.

Are g7 results out 2021?

Once the Honourable Minister of General Education announced at a media about the Grade 7 Results 2021 students will be able to check the results. Last year in 2021 for the first time two sets (Grade 7 and Grade 9) of examinations results were being announced jointly on December 23.

When will the Fiji 7th form examination results 2013 be released?

The result of the Fiji Seventh Form Examination (FSFE) is expected to be released by tomorrow (Tuesday December 31, 2013). A total of 6,898 students from 158 centers wrote the examination. Students and principals, who wish to collect their results in person, can visit the Ministry of Education Examination Office at 9:00am on or after 31st December.

What is form 7 (Year 13 certificate) in Fiji?

Fiji Form 7 (Year 13 Certificate) Results online 2020 announced on 13th December 2020. Fiji Seventh Form Examination (FSFE) also known as Form 7. This is an examination conducted by the Ministry of Education Fiji at the end of Year 13.

Where can I find Fiji Ministry of Education Exam results 2022?

Exam Results 2022 Fiji Ministry of Education Exam Results Fiji 2018 ( 2019) All years examination results online. assess Year 4, 6 and 8 students in their basic skills of Literacy (English) and Numeracy (Mathematics);

Is there an 8th year exam in Fiji?

Ministry of Education – Examinations and Assessment Unit has announced the 2020 Fiji Year 8 Examination Provisional Candidate Results. FEYE (Fiji Eighth Year Examination) conducted at Class 8 (Year 8) in all schools in Fiji. Fiji Eighth Year Exam Result 2020 Like FIE, FEYE i.e Eighth Year Exam is also compulsory in Fiji.