Can we use Firebug in IE?

Can we use Firebug in IE?

Now it really feels handicapped situation when we need to test the Web application on IE and some issue appears in UI or Javascript. Then firefox natives start missing their lovely firebug tool. But hey! now you can have your Firebug lite version in your IE of any version.

How do I set debugger in IE?

How to Debug in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

  1. Right click to ‘Inspect Element’, or click on F12 Developer Tools from the gear icon to open the Developer Tools pane.
  2. Click on the “Debugger” tab.
  3. Click on the Stop sign icon.
  4. Select “Never break on exceptions”

What happened to Firebug for Firefox?

Firebug was discontinued last year (2017). So it’s sad that Firebug is now reaching end-of-life in the Firefox browser, with the release of Firefox Quantum (version 57) next month. The good news is that all the capabilities of Firebug are now present in current Firefox Developer Tools.

How do I open JavaScript debugger in IE?

The first step is to launch the app in Internet Explorer and open up the Developer Tools. You can do this with the keyboard using the F12 key or by selecting “F12 Developer Tools” in the “Tools” menu. The Developer Tools will now be open inside the browser tab, and the DOM Explorer tab will be active.

How do I debug Outlook Add Ins?

When your add-in loads in the Office host application, open the task pane. Return to Visual Studio Code and choose View > Debug or enter CTRL + SHIFT + D to switch to debug view. From the Debug options, choose Attach to Office Add-ins. Select F5 or choose Debug -> Start Debugging from the menu to begin debugging.

Which of these are Web debugging tools?

Top 12 Cross-Browser Debugging Tools

  • Firefox Developer Tools.
  • Chrome Developer Tools.
  • Web Developer.
  • Safari Developer Tools.
  • Internet Explorer Web Edge (Developer) Toolbar.
  • Fiddler.
  • Open Dragonfly.
  • DebugBar.

How do I enable Firebug in Firefox?

1- Follow the menu option as Tools >> Web Developer >> Get More Tools. 2- The above action will lead you to a web page as shown in the below image. There you will find an option to download/install the FireBug add-on.