Can you do classic skiing with skate skis?

Can you do classic skiing with skate skis?

Originally Answered: Cross Country skiing – how tough is it to do classic with skate skiis? You can in principle skate with classic skis, provided you have no grip wax under them and they are not too long and the trail is well groomed. Skate skis do not provide a good grip – typically they are too stiff for that.

Can you nordic ski on skate skis?

When you are new to cross-country skiing, you may think that you can use the same equipment for skate and for classic skiing, however this is not actually possible! Both techniques are very different from each other and use their own specific gear.

Do Skate skis have edges?

Skate skiing As with classic skis, skate skis are narrow and don’t have metal edges. They tend to be shorter than classic skis. Because you propel yourself by pushing off on the edges (instead of engaging a wax pocket, like with classic skis) all skate skis have gliding, waxable bases.

What is a good speed for skate skiing?

Top XC ski racers usually achieve speed around 20-25 mph on flat and even 35-40 mph on downhills. Meanwhile, skate or freestyle cross-country skiers are generally faster by 10%.

How are skate skis different from classic?

Skate skis have one glide zone that goes from tip to tail of the ski base. They are generally shorter than classic skis, and you should take your weight into account when choosing a pair. They are generally more torsionally rigid which allows the skier to use and push off their edges.

What is the best skate skiing technique?

For expert skiers, One Skate (called V2 Skate in America) is used on the widest range of terrain and is the most versatile of all the skate techniques. If you are just getting started in skate skiing, you’ll use this mostly on the flats.

How to skate ski on the flats?

The secret to easy skate skiing on the flats has to do with how you weight and unweight your feet and how you manipulate your body position over one ski and then the other. Follow each step in this drill methodically and patiently and you will be rewarded with an easy skate ski kick (leg push).

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These videos are made by Canadian cross country skiers and coaches to share our love of cross country skiing. We help people enjoy the thrill of cross-country skiing in the highly efficient and enjoyable techniques used by competitive skiers.

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