Can you make your own homecoming mum?

Can you make your own homecoming mum?

Glue that cardboard backing to the one with the streamers, then glue the final cardboard backing onto the back to cover the staples. Now your mum is ready to add any accents, letters, stickers, and trinkets! Hot glue them into place and you’re done! Did you enjoy learning how to make a Homecoming Mum?

What supplies do I need to make a homecoming mum?

Things You’ll Need

  1. Curling ribbon.
  2. 3 round cardboard backing circles.
  3. Mum flower (fake or fresh)
  4. Small plush trinkets such as a teddy bear.
  5. One large safety pin.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Hot glue gun.
  8. Stapler.

What is a homecoming garter?

During the annual homecoming game, male high school students in Texas — as well as parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana — often don a decorative armband called a “garter” as a coordinating counterpart to the girls’ larger and more lavish “mums.” These accessories, which resemble an oversized corsage, are …

How much does it cost to make a homecoming mum?

How much do Homecoming Mums cost? Prices for mums can range from as low as $30 to as high as $500. It’s cheaper to buy your own materials and make them yourself but you’ll save time and get a perfect “Mum” if you buy one from a store.

Are mums just a Texas thing?

Mums, it turns out, are a very specific tradition, popular only in Texas (and parts of Oklahoma) and are huge, ginormous corsages.

How do you make mums for Homecoming?

To make homecoming mums, purchase decorative ribbons and embellishments like bells, stick-on letters, charms, and tassels in your school’s colors. Next, overlap pieces of 4-inch ribbons, twisting both ends in the same direction to form cones, and staple the cones to the edges of a cardboard backer.

What is a homecoming mum?

A homecoming mum is mainly two parts, the mum (or mums) at the top and then all the ribbons hanging down. When it comes to making your own DIY homecoming mum you have a few options.

How do you attach a mum to a wrist corsage?

A lot depends on the size of the the mum. A smaller mum can be attached to ribbon with a fabric glue to wear as a wrist corsage; fabric glue is designed to be flexible and to hold well. Thanks!

How do you make a mums with ribbon?

If you want to make a double mum, simply use a double backer with two holes instead of one and attach two flowers using a glue gun. Pick up #5 and #9 ribbon in the color of your choice and cut several 48-inch-long strips. Again, start with about 5 strips of each and then cut as many as needed to create a full-looking mum.