Can you send an automatic text reply on iPhone?

Can you send an automatic text reply on iPhone?

In iOS 11 there is a new feature — do not disturb while driving — that allows you to set up an automated-text response. It is intended to be used while driving, however you can turn it on manually whenever you’d like. Open your Settings>Do Not Disturb>then scroll to Do Not Disturb While Driving.15

How do I turn on predictive text on Samsung?

How can I personalise and turn predictive text on and off on my Samsung Galaxy device?

  1. Settings > Language and input > Samsung Keyboard > Predictive text.
  2. Settings > General management > Language and input > On-screen keyboard > Predictive text.

How do I turn on smart typing?

Predictive text, a feature turned on by default on the Samsung Galaxy S10, can be helpful….Now, to turn it off:

  1. Start the Settings app and tap “General management.”
  2. Tap “Language and input.”
  3. Tap “On-screen keyboard.”
  4. Tap “Samsung Keyboard.”
  5. Tap “Smart typing.”

How do I enable my Samsung keyboard?


  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Apps.
  4. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. Tap Show system apps.
  6. Scroll down and tap Samsung Keyboard.
  7. Ensure that it is enabled. If it is disabled it will say enable.

How do I get predictive text back on my Samsung?

Samsung keyboard

  1. Tap the Apps icon from the Home screen.
  2. Tap Settings, then tap General management.
  3. Tap Language and input.
  4. Scroll down to “Keyboards and input methods” and tap Samsung keyboard.
  5. Under “Smart typing,” tap Predictive text.
  6. Tap the Predictive text switch to On.

How do I get my predictive text back on iPhone?

Use predictive text . Tap Keyboard Settings, then turn on Predictive. Or go to Settings > General > Keyboard, and turn Predictive on or off.

Why is my predictive text not working Samsung?

If the problem persists then, while the keyboard in on screen, tap the cog symbol > Language and types > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Check for Updates. You can also try going to Settings > Apps > Samsung Keyboard > Storage > Clear Cache, then restart the device. Let us know how you get on.8

How do I turn on word prediction on Android?

You can choose the types of suggestions you see, like next words or emojis.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open any app that you can type with, like Gmail or Keep.
  2. Tap where you can enter text.
  3. At the top of your keyboard, tap Open features menu .
  4. Tap More Settings. Text correction.
  5. Pick from the options.

Does predictive text work in Safari?

Safari has one major annoyance: no predictive text while typing in the URL bar. If you’re searching for something you’ll have to type it out without the help of predictive text.23

How do I send an automatic text when busy?

On Android: Use the SMS Auto Reply app When you first launch the app, tap the Add/Edit button to create a new rule. Give it a name, like “At Work” or “Sleeping,” and write your message in the text box. You can then go to Set Time to set the time, date, or days of the week you want that rule to be active.14

How do you use word prediction?

To use word prediction, your child needs to use a keyboard to write. This can be an onscreen keyboard on a smartphone or digital tablet. Or it can be a physical keyboard connected to a device or computer. When a child types words, word prediction detects what letters are being typed.

How do I send an automatic text?

To schedule, long press “Send” to open the sending options. Select “Schedule Message.” Select the date and time you want to send the message. Tap “Send” to confirm.25