Can you Track the Amtrak?

Can you Track the Amtrak?

The train location tracking map on gives you train statuses, estimates of arrival times and even station information for every Amtrak train across the entire Amtrak system. That means the map covers coast to coast movements, 365 days a year and can be accessed 24 hours a day with just the click of a mouse.

Is Amtrak running north of Seattle?

There is no train service north of Seattle at this time but the daily bus service between Seattle, Everett, Mount Vernon, and Bellingham is running….TRAIN STATIONS.

Eugene Albany
Kelso/Longview Centralia
Olympia/Lacey Tacoma
Tukwila Seattle
Edmonds Everett

How do I track an Amtrak ticket in real-time?

You can always visit to learn the real-time status of a train. Click “Train Status” on the top bar of the homepage and enter a few key pieces of information to learn when a train will be arriving.

Does Amtrak Bend Oregon?

AMTRAK provides convenient and affordable rail transportation to the Bend area from various locations throughout the region. Call Amtrak for fares and schedules 800.872. 7245 or visit their website at

How long is the Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver?

Amtrak train schedules — the train from Seattle to Vancouver takes about 4.5 hours.

How can I find my train?

A: To know where is your train now through SMS, send an SMS through your personal mobile phone with the following text: SPOT or LOCATE to 139.

How many Surfliner trains are there?

The service carried 2,924,117 passengers during fiscal year 2016, a 3.4% increase from FY2015. Total revenue during FY2016 was $73,020,267, an increase of 3.6% over FY2015….Pacific Surfliner.

Average journey time 8 hours, 45 minutes
Train number(s) 562–595, 761–794
On-board services
Class(es) Coach Class Business Class