Do you always need a comma after so?

Do you always need a comma after so?

When it suggests logical continuity then no comma should be present. In formal writing style “so” is not followed by a comma when used at the beginning of a sentence, although some feel strongly that it shouldn’t begin a sentence in the first place. When used as a subordinating conjunction, no comma is required.

How do you know if a girl is safe?

Tell her the truth, right away. Let her know that she can rely on you to be honest and if you do she will feel safe. If you want the girl of your dreams to love you forever, let her feel safe. Listen to her, do what you say you are going to do, tell her how you feel about her, protect her and be honest.

Are you back yet meaning?

Colloquially, I would say ” Are you back yet?” or your variant in no. 1. You ask this question to your friend if you don’t actually know for sure whether she is back or not but want to know. It could be used when your friend contacts you and you are surprised as you were not expecting her back so soon.

Should you ask a girl if she got home safe?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know she made it home safely. You can ask her to shoot you a quick text or you can take the initiative and ask her. No need to complicate something that isn’t complicated.

How do you use ones?

When “one’s” is a contraction of “one is” it also requires an apostrophe: “no one’s listening,” “this one’s for you.” The only times “ones” has no apostrophe are when it is being used to mean “examples” or “people” as in “ripe ones” or “loved ones,” or in the informal arithmetical expression “the ones column.”

How do you ask if someone is safe?

When talking to your friend, be warm, open, and gentle. Show that you are concerned and want to help and support them. While you might choose to approach the conversation casually, make sure they know that you care. Say, “I’m concerned about you and want to know if you’re doing okay.”

Did you make it home safe or safely?

I made it home safe is acceptable grammar: safe does not describe the manner in which you made it home but the state in which you arrived. These constructions are called secondary-predicates.