Does Pro direct sell replicas?

Does Pro direct sell replicas?

Show your support in the best possible way with our collection of the latest club and national team replica football kits from around the world, available in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes.

Who owns Pro Direct Soccer?

Peter Davis – Owner – ProDirect Sports and Entertainment | LinkedIn.

Is Pro direct owned by Sports Direct?

The company is best known for trading predominantly under the Sports Direct brand which operates both physical outlets and online. Other retailers owned by the company include Jack Wills, GAME, Flannels, USC, Lillywhites and Evans Cycles….Frasers Group.

Trade name Frasers Group

Do Pro Direct Soccer have a shop?

Pro:Direct LDN 19 Store on Foubert’s Place is the world’s largest boot room. In store customers can experience virtual shopping with the shop floor’s touchscreen podiums, mood lighting and view clothing and items on full size digital mannequins in 4K definition.

How much is pro Direct worth?

According to PRO-DIRECT SPORT LIMITED latest financial report submitted on 2020-12-31, the company has a Turnover of £89M, Gross-Profit of £29M while the Cash is £10M.

Where are pro direct based?

Pro-Direct Sport is a company incorporated in England and Wales, VAT number GB115152945, company number 04245687. Our registered office is at Torre House, Shaldon Road, Newton Abbot, Devon, England, TQ12 4PQ.

Is Lovell owned by Sports Direct?

Torquay-based Lovell, the world’s largest online rugby store, is owned by Graham and Myra Lovell. Sports Direct and JD Sports have continually sought to consolidate their position as sports retail heavyweights through acquisitions.

Where is Pro Direct Soccer based?

Is Pro direct a UK company?

Where is Pro:Direct Sport ‘s headquarters? Pro:Direct Sport is located in Newton Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom .

What shops does Sportsdirect own?

Founded in 1982, Sports Direct has grown into a multi-retailer company that owns everything from department stores House of Fraser and Flannels to preppy fashion brand Jack Wills and computer game retailer Game. It also owns sports brands such as Karrimor, Kangol, Slazenger and Lonsdale.

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What kind of shoes do they sell at Pro Direct Soccer?

Futsal Shoes at Pro-Direct Soccer. Choose from Nike, Puma, adidas Soccer Balls. Official Tournament, Training, Match Day & Indoor Soccer Balls. Wide range of mens soccer apparel including training tops, jackets, hoodies, shorts & bottoms from Nike, adidas, Puma & more.

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