Does the Nikon SB-800 have high speed sync?

Does the Nikon SB-800 have high speed sync?

Nikon has today announced the new SB-800 Speedlight. This new flash unit is designed to complement the D2H digital SLR and incorporates many new features associated with Nikon’s i-TTL ‘Creative Lighting System’ including Flash Value Lock, Auto FP High-Speed Sync and Flash Colour Information Communication.

What does a Nikon Speedlight do?

Versatility. Nikon Speedlights can pivot, rotate and even be positioned off-camera, allowing light direction and intensity to be completely controlled.

What is the guide number of Nikon sb700?

The SB-700 is a high-performance Speedlight compatible with Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) with a guide number of 28/39 (ISO 100/200, m) (92/128, ft.) (at the 35 mm zoom head position in Nikon FX format with standard illumination pattern, 20 °C/68 °F).

Is TTL better than manual?

Using TTL automatically adjusts the flash output for you as the distance between you and the camera changes. Manual flash is best in scenarios where you want the most control over the light source. It’s also useful if the distance between the subject and the flash doesn’t change rapidly.

What is the Nikon SB-800?

Introducing the Nikon Speedlight SB-800, an intelligent, flexible breakthrough in flash photography that forms the heart of a new Creative Lighting System. Refined digital performance and new technologies to make complex multiple flash exposures as simple as using a single on camera flash unit.

How to use the SB-800 Speedlight?

1 Press the b button for approx. 0.3 sec. to turn on the SB-800. Make sure the ready-light comes on. test firing the Speedlight, never position your eyes close to the head. -800 fires at specified output in the Manual flash mode or at approx. output in the TTL auto flash mode.

How often should I service my Nikon Speedlight SB-800?

Nikon recommends that you have your Speedlight serviced by an authorized dealer or service center at least once every two years. Using your Speedlight correctly The Nikon Speedlight SB-800’s performance has been optimized for use with Nikon brand cameras/accessories including lenses.

What kind of Flash does the SB-800 have?

The SB-800 features a new Nikon Speedlight system, called Creative Lighting System or “ CLS .” This system offers additional flash shooting possibilities with digital SLRs by taking advantage of camera’s digital communication capabilities. CLS is available only when the SB-800 is used with compatible Nikon SLRs cameras.