How can I get scholarship from China to Pakistan?

How can I get scholarship from China to Pakistan?

Friendly country of Pakistan, China, offers more than dozens of Chinese scholarships to Pakistani students and hec chinese government scholarship 2022 every year which students can find on Eligible candidates need to first sign in, on relevant website of application form before applying for a program.

How can I get China PhD scholarship?

Apply between January 1st and March 25, 2022. 1. Firstly, register and submit your online application at Chinese Government Scholarship Information System at The code of Wuhan University is 10486.

Can Pakistani study China?

Study in China may be the perfect option for Pakistani Students now-a-days. China has set a rule that study is compulsory till the nine years in which student will have to complete the both levels primary level and junior middle level school.

What is the deadline for Chinese Government Scholarship?

Chinese Scholarship 2022 Application Deadline CSC Scholarship 2022 Application deadline for all 270+ Chinese Universities is before March 31, 2022, for the academic session of 2022-2023.

How can I get free scholarship in China?

List of China Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students

  1. Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University.
  2. Civil Society Leadership Awards.
  3. UNU-INWEH Scholarships in Integrated Drylands Management for Developing Country Students.
  4. UNU-IIST PhD Scholarships for International Students.

Is PhD free in China?

In China there is no standard tuition fee cap; your fees will vary depending upon the chosen discipline and institution. As with the UK and other countries there are scholarships available to fund your studies, making China an affordable option for PhD study abroad.

Are PhD students paid in China?

Undergraduates will receive 66,200 yuan ($10,660) per year, those pursuing master’s degree will get 79,200 yuan and PhD students will receive 99,800 yuan. The allowance will cover tuition, boarding fees, living expenses, travel costs and medical insurance.

Is there any scholarship for PhD students?

The most popular PhD scholarships include, the Fullbright-Nehru Research Doctoral Fellowships, Prime Minister Fellowships for Doctoral Research, CSIR-UGC JRF NET Fellowship, NCERT Doctoral Fellowship for PhD, Maulana Azad National Fellowship, etc.

How can I apply for scholarship in China?

Submit online application at CSC web portal at or through program Type: A and Agency No. 5861. Download submitted copy of complete application form from Chinese Scholarship Council portal, print & retain a signed copy with yourself.

How can I get scholarship in China?

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarships– CSC scholarships are open to all international students who wish to study in China. You will be asked to fill out an online form and select one of the 243 Chinese universities offering CSC scholarships.