How did ABBA get their sound?

How did ABBA get their sound?

To get a ‘natural’ sound, as if it were a bunch of real instruments playing out in the studio, I moved the amp in the room for every overdub we made, and recorded each harmony in stereo on two tracks.

What instruments did ABBA use?

ABBA musicians

  • Roger Palm. Drums.
  • Mike Watson. Bass.
  • Finn Sjöberg. Guitar.
  • Åke Sundqvist. Percussion & Drums.
  • Janne Schaffer. Guitar.
  • Ulf Andersson. Saxophone.
  • Mats Ronander. Guitar.
  • Janne Kling. Saxophone.

Did ABBA outsell The Beatles?

ABBA founder / songwriter Björn Ulvaeus told “It’s feels unreal – outselling the greatest record of all time!”

What keyboards did ABBA use?

Benny Andersson of ABBA used a Yamaha GX-1 on several ABBA tracks as well as on tour. He still keeps that at his Riksmixningsverket studio in Stockholm, along with many other old synthesizers and keyboards. Hans Zimmer bought one of Keith Emerson’s old GX-1s.

What makes ABBA so special?

Another factor in what made ABBA sound like ABBA is the sheer beauty of the textures. The group loved the ‘wall of sound’ principle pioneered by Phil Spector, and their studio engineer Michael Tretow created a double-tracked studio sound to ensure that the band sounded both polished and huge.

Did the members of ABBA play any instruments?

The piano album we never knew we needed At the ABBA Museum, part of the immersive experience into the band’s life are original musical instruments owned and used by the band members – among them a piano that starts playing on its own every now and then.

Who sold more ABBA or Beatles?


Is ABBA voyage selling well?

According to Universal Music Group, which describes ABBA as one “the most successful pop groups of all time”, Voyage, released Friday November 5, sold in excess of 1 million combined album units in its first week worldwide, and has also received more than 190 million combined streams to date.

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