How did the Average White Band get their name?

How did the Average White Band get their name?

According to Duncan, members of the band had played together before in Scotland, but had moved to London separately and met up by chance at a Traffic concert. They decided to jam together; a friend heard them and remarked: “This is too much for the average white man,” which became adapted as the name of the band.

What was the Average White Band biggest hit?

Pick Up The Pieces
Taking cues from James Brown’s legendary band The JB’s, the Average White Band’s sound focused on the groove, as evidenced by one of their biggest hits, “Pick Up The Pieces,” which hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts, and #5 on the Billboard R&B Charts in 1974.

Are the Average White Band Scottish?

The Average White Band (also known as AWB) are a Scottish funk and R&B band that had a series of soul and disco hits between 1974 and 1980. They are best known for their million-selling instrumental track “Pick Up the Pieces”, and their albums AWB and Cut the Cake.

What country is Average White Band from?

Dundee, United KingdomAverage White Band / Origin

When did Hamish Stuart leave AWB?

After collaborating on numerous albums for other artists, he recorded his first solo album, Sooner or Later, in 1999, 17 years after leaving the Average White Band, which he released on his own record label, Sulphuric Records.

Who wrote a love of your own?

Hamish Stuart
Ned Doheny
A Love of Your Own/Composers

Where was the music group war from?

Long Beach, California
War (American band)

Origin Long Beach, California, U.S.
Genres Funk rock funk soul progressive soul black rock jazz-rock Latin rock
Years active 1969–present
Labels MGM United Artists MCA Avenue

Where is Hamish Stewart?

Hamish Stewart – 2021-22 – Men’s Tennis – University of Georgia Athletics.