How do I contact Knox County inmates?

How do I contact Knox County inmates?

If you wish to contact an inmate, you can call 1-866-516-0115 and leave them a voicemail (up to 3 minutes), or use one of the other communications methods listed below. If you do not wish to receive calls from an inmate, simply call 1-866-516-0115 from the phone number that you wish to have blocked.

How do I visit someone in Knox County Jail?

There will be two ways to visit an inmate at the Knox County Jail.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Video Visitation or Onsite Visit.
  3. Set up an account with Securus.
  4. The Knox County Jail will get the information to approve or disapprove a visitor.

Who is the sheriff of Knox County TN?

Sheriff Tom Spangler
Knox County Sheriff Website – Sheriff Tom Spangler.

How do I find out if I have a warrant in Knox County?

Contact the Office of the Court Clerk of Knox County either through mail at [email protected] or by calling the agency at 865-215-2375.

How many police officers are there in Knoxville?


Knoxville Police Department
Officers 384
Elected officer responsible Indya Kincannon, Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee
Agency executive Eve Thomas, Chief of Police
Divisions show 4

How do I put money on someone’s books in Knox County Jail?

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department has a kiosk in the Lobby as an easy way for money to be deposited into an inmate’s account at the Knox County Jail. Family and friends are now able to use Cash, Credit and Debit Cards to deposit funds into an inmate’s commissary account.

What is the TN Savin number for Knox County?

The VINE toll-free number for the TN SAVIN system is 888-868-4631. This service is provided to assist Victims of Crime who have a right to know about their offender’s custody status. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office works in conjunction with that of the Knoxville Police Department to better serve and protect the citizens of Eat Tennessee.

Where can I get onsite visitation in Knox County TN?

All onsite internal visits are located at the Knox County Sheriff’s Work Release Center. If you do not have a home computer or access to the internet, you may use internal onsite visitation on Maloneyville Rd. Public kiosks are located at the Visitation Center.

What is KCSO’s policy regarding allegations of sexual abuse?

The credibility of an alleged victim, suspect, or witness is assessed on an individual basis and not determined by the person’s status as inmate or staff. Please click here for KCSO’s policy regarding the referral of allegations of inmate sexual abuse or inmate sexual harassment for criminal investigation.

How do I contact the Knox County Jail in an emergency?

If there is an emergency, call (865) 281-6700 (Detention Facility) or (865) 342-9620 and advise the operator of the situation. When the emergency is verified, then the call can go through. The Deposit ATMs are located in the lobby of the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility and the Knox County Jail .