How do I find the model of my mobile home?

How do I find the model of my mobile home?

You can find the make and model of your mobile home on the HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) label located at the exterior of the mobile home; or on the data plate, usually located on the inside of the mobile home.

Where do you find a VIN number on a mobile home?

This data plate is a sticker and it lists the VIN number and other data relevant to your mobile home. (Note: sometimes it’s also known as a serial number.) The data plate is usually inside the of the master bedroom closet on the wall. Or, you may instead find it on the back of a cabinet door under the kitchen sink.

What does a VIN number look like on a mobile home?

VIN Located Outside On The Steel Chassis Frame It would be in letters at least 3/8” tall. Most modern manufactured homes have the triangular tongue beams removed when the home is set up. It will be necessary to remove some of the skirting along the front of the home.

Where is the CSA label on a mobile home?

The CSA label is a small decal that: Displays the A-277 series for modular homes or the Z-240 series for mobile homes. Contains a unique identifier number specific to the home. Can usually be found on the exterior of the home near the front door or on the electrical panel inside the home.

Where is the data plate located on a mobile home?

The Data Plate is a paper label affixed inside the home and is the size of a standard sheet of paper (8 ½” x 11”). The Data Plate can be found in a kitchen cabinet, an electrical panel, or a bedroom closet.

Is a VIN number and serial number the same on a mobile home?

What Is a Mobile Home VIN Number? Think of a VIN number as a serial number for your manufactured home. It’s an easy way to identify: The manufacturer: The manufacturer’s ID is the first three digits of the VIN and are usually letters.

How long is a VIN number on a mobile home?

plate riveted to different sections of your mobile home representing construction certifications. However, some may contain the VIN number, if you see a 17-character alphanumeric set, that is your VIN.

What is Mobile Home CSA?

A CSA Label is a mandatory approval label on all factory-made manufactured/mobile homes in Canada. Typically, you’ll find a CSA Certification Label on the front door of a manufactured/mobile home.

What is the silver label on a mobile home?

When a label is not present, ESR 21(d) allows for used manufactured homes and used factory-built structures to display an approval mark label provided by the appropriate provincial safety manager. This is often referred to as a silver label.

What is a HUD plate on a mobile home?

Short Answer. The tag, issued by HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) is a 2” by 4” plate made of metal that is attached to an exterior wall of each section of a mobile home. A single wide has one tag, and a double wide will have two tags. In general, people will refer to this as the HUD label.

How many VIN numbers does a mobile home have?

A single-wide mobile home will have only one number and, of course, a triple-wide will have a third with a “C” in the title. Although the VIN numbers are sometimes listed separately in title work, they are combined on the data plate in the home, as shown below.