How do I fix the module disk power on failed?

How do I fix the module disk power on failed?

lck directory got corrupted, Just right click on the Virtual Machine and Open VM Directory. Then look at directory with same name of the virtual machine with . lck, And delete them, After that restart the virtual machine, That error should be fixed.

How do I fix failed module Monitorloop power on failed?

Solution: 1) Check the vSphere client or web client for the stack error message as it shows the reason is due to which resource the VM fails to power on. 2) Edit the VM settings(Number of cores, memory) of the Virtual machine and try powering on manually.

How do I fix vmware failed to lock the file?

Error 1: Failed to lock the file vmx file. Power on a virtual machine with mounted disks via the vmware-mount utility. Try to turn on a virtual machine through the user interface during a snapshot operation. Try to add a virtual disk to a virtual machine that is already in use.

How do I change vmware hardware compatibility?


  1. Select Window > Virtual Machine Library.
  2. Select a virtual machine in the Virtual Machine Library window and click Settings.
  3. Under Other in the Settings window, click Compatibility.
  4. Under Advanced options, select a hardware version from the Use Hardware Version drop-down menu.

Does VMware workstation support nested virtualization?

VMware Workstation does not support nested virtualization on this host.

How do I find locked files in VMware?

Identifying the Locked File

  1. Power on the virtual machine, this process should fail and display an error message.
  2. Connect to the ESXi host the virtual machine is on with an SSH session.
  3. Find the IP address of the host holding the lock by running vmfsfilelockinfo on the VMDK flat, delta, or sesparse file for VMFS, or the .

How do I fix a disk consolidation problem?

Initially I tried the following which can sometimes clear this:

  1. Shutdown guest OS and power off VM (it’s not always possible to do this but I could here)
  2. Create a new snapshot.
  3. “Delete All” snapshots.
  4. vMotion to another host.
  5. Try VM -> Snapshot -> Consolidate.

How do I find my virtual machine hardware version?

You can see the hardware version within the summary tab of the individual VM when selected. You’ll find it on similar place within the old Windows Client or HTML5 Web client.

How do I change my virtual machine from compatibility mode?

When the VM is powered off, right-click on it and hit “Upgrade VM Compatibility”. You can then select a compatibility level; you don’t have to go for the latest one thankfully. “VM compatibility can be upgraded in powered off state but cannot be downgraded.”

What is nested virtualization?

Nested virtualization lets you run virtual machine (VM) instances inside of other VMs so you can create your own virtualization environments. To support nested virtualization, Compute Engine adds Intel VT-x instructions to VMs, so when you create a VM, the hypervisor that is already on that VM can run additional VMs.

What is VMware lock file?

Lock files are created when a virtual machine is powered on. Their purpose is to prevent multiple VMware processes from accessing the same virtual machine at the same time. The existence of a lock file indicates to VMware that the associated virtual machine is powered on.