How do I get a DoDMERB?

How do I get a DoDMERB?

If you are in ROTC, a DODMERB request is submitted by your ROTC program through the DODMETS website. Once approved, your ROTC unit will give you instructions on how to setup the appointment. You must log in or register to reply here.

Why do recruiters tell you to lie?

Your recruiter is wrong to tell you to lie. He knows that if you get caught he can point to all the paperwork he had you sign, and will refute having told you to deny having depression. If he were to get caught having done this, he could be facing serious prison time and dishonorable discharge.

Does DoDMERB check medical records?

We were never asked to actually provide records. It is possible that we agreed to let DODMERB contact physicians so they could access DS medical/dental records as needed. DODMERB would find out about medicines used based on questionnaire, but possibly they would find out by accessing records as well.

How do I start a DoDMERB?

Before you go to your exam, you will fill out a complete medical history form (click here for the form) and bring it with you. After the exam, the doctor will forward his results to DODMERB where a determination will be made on your medical qualification status.

How hard is it to get a waiver for the army?

Waivers for entrance into the military are available, but they are not easy to obtain. There is a long list of reasons why the military may disqualify a potential recruit: illegal activity, medical conditions, minimum height, and even age.

How do you get a moral waiver for the army?

The waiver is the process of you asking the service to make an exception in your particular case. The recruiter is the first step. Only a military recruiter can initiate a moral waiver request. Keep in mind this is the recruiter’s decision, not yours.

How long does a military medical waiver take to get approved?

two weeks

What will disqualify you from MEPS?

The choice is yours.

  • Abdominal Organs and Gastrointestinal System. The following conditions may disqualify you for military service:
  • Blood and blood-forming tissue diseases.
  • Dental.
  • Ears.
  • Hearing.
  • Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders.
  • Upper extremities.
  • Lower extremities.

How long does it take DoDMERB to process?

2 weeks

Does DoDMERB expire?

The DODMERB physical is good for 2yrs from the exam date. If you are contracted within the 2YRs you are good to go. If it expires before you contract, you will have to get a new one. DODMERB exam with an approved waiver from Cadet Command expired before son contracted.

Does MEPS check prior service medical records?

Does MEPS pull up my VA records? Yes, but you know that you have a medical disability. By DOD and service regulations, you must divulge all existing medical conditions prior to enlistment or appointment into the military.

How long is a DoDMERB physical good for?

2 years

Do DoDMERB and MEPS communicate?

since you were not booted over this just tell the truth on the new forms, DODMERB does not interact with MEPS where you will get a physical. don’t worry about what you cannot change, move forward with the accurate info. you will have to get your psych documents and will probably have to go through at least one consult.

How do I get a Dodmerb waiver?

Medical Waivers DODMERB may request additional tests or evaluations to support your waiver. These may be obtained at a military facility at no cost to you or at a civilian facility at your cost.

What does under waiver review mean Dodmerb?

UNDER WAIVER REVIEW = DoDMERB has posted the file to the medical team at the waiver authority. So UNDER WAIVER REVIEW means te medical team HAS the medical file. UNDER DODMERB REVIEW = Exactly that. It may be we received the initial exam and are reviewing it.

How long does a Dodmerb waiver take?

Mine took like 3 months, but contact them religiously, CC is not known for their diligence… It varies, but it can take a while… depends on what the waiver is for, and, how quickly your ROTC processes getting you the referrals, and then how back-logged DODMERB might be at any given time. Usually several weeks.

How long does a MEPS background check take?

416 days

What does Dodmerb stand for?

Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board

How long does a dependency waiver take?

This supposedly takes between six weeks and three months — mine took a full three months. If the waiver is granted, you’ll be cleared to return to MEPS.

What do they do at DoDMERB?

DoDMERB is the agency responsible for your medical clearance for your service academy application. DoDMERB is the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board. It’s a big organization and a big bureaucracy so you can expect the entire process to take extra time and effort!.

What should you not tell recruiters?

7 Things You Should Never Tell a Recruiter

  • “I’m pretty desperate.”
  • “It’ll do, I suppose.”
  • “I hated my last boss/ colleagues.”
  • “Did you not even bother to read my CV?”
  • “I’m hoping to go travelling at some point.”
  • “I just want more money.”
  • “I’d probably accept a counter-offer.”