How do I remove a hyperlink from EndNote?

How do I remove a hyperlink from EndNote?

In the EndNote toolbar, click “Help”, “Search for Help on” then in the keyword searh box type : hyperlinks. Click to select “removing”.13

How do you put a link in APA format?

APA website citations usually include the author, the publication date, the title of the page or article, the website name, and the URL….Articles from online-only news sites.

Format Last name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Article title. Site Name. URL
In-text citation (Rowlatt, 2020)

How do I unlink a word from EndNote?

Final unlinking can be done using the “remove field codes” Endnote button, but I find that often affects formatting of the character/paragraphs as well, and I prefer to use the Word unlink short cut (select all with Ctrl+A and then unlink all fields with Ctrl+Shift+F9 ON A COPY OF THE MANUSCRIPT).15

How do I turn off EndNote?


  1. Open the EndNote program.
  2. Click on the EndNote menu and select the Customizer.
  3. Click the Uninstall option at the bottom of this menu. When this is complete, it will remove all external components.
  4. Click Quit.
  5. Drag the EndNote folder from the Applications folder to the Trash.
  6. Empty the Trash.

How do I hyperlink endnotes in Word?

Creating Hyperlinks Between In-text Citations and Related References in the EndNote Bib…

  1. Click the small arrow in the Bibliography section of the toolbar under the EndNote tab.
  2. Select Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography (in Word 2007 – see below)
  3. Select Underline linked-in text citations if desired.

How do I remove all citations from EndNote?

EndNote does not have the ability to delete all citations in one command. You can use Edit and Manage Citations to remove them one at a time or use the option to Convert to Plain text which would unlik the citations from EndNote but they still would need to be removed from the text one at a time.24