How do I sync my touch 2 C5?

How do I sync my touch 2 C5?

  1. Put them back to the charging case.
  2. Remove Touch Two C5 from bluetooth menue.
  3. Take the earbuds out of case simultaneously.
  4. Indicator flashes in Blue & Red(L), indicator in Blue(R)
  5. Get them connected with your phone via Bluetooth.

Are i12 AirPods real?

The i12 TWS true wireless Bluetooth earphones are the latest version of Airpods look-alikes. The i12 TWS true wireless earphones are the successor of the i10 TWS. As we know, the i10 TWS has gained wide popularities on the market due to its exceptional close to replicating the Apple AirPods.

Are there any good fake AirPods?

Currently, we feel the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 are the best fake AirPods. These buds actually outperform the AirPods on battery, and offer IPX8 waterproof protection, something that’s not all that common on the most expensive earbuds.

How do you pair earbuds together?

The steps may vary slightly depending on the product and technology used, but this guide should point you in the right direction!

  1. Charge Your Devices Up Fully.
  2. Ensure All Earbuds are Compatible.
  3. Check that Bluetooth is Switched On.
  4. Put your Earbuds into Pairing Mode.
  5. Pair Your Ear Buds Up.

Why is only one side of my Bluetooth earbuds working?

Look For Broken Wires If your headphones are fully charged and are still only working on one side then you’ll need to start looking for broken internal wires. To do this, don’t worry it’s super easy. Open the Bluetooth device, and remove the case. Use a soldering iron, find the broken wires and reconnect them.

How do I reset my AirPods?

With the lid open, press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds, until you see the status light flashing amber. When you reset your AirPods, the settings for your AirPods also reset. You can change your settings again.

How do I fix a quiet left AirPod?

It may help to check your settings: Go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > under “Hearing”, check and, if required, adjust the audio volume balance slider between the left and right channels.

Why is my left AirPod so quiet?

To fix your sound issue, take a softly bristled clean toothbrush. You can then carefully brush the larger opening of the Earpod. then, (bear with me) suck on the larger opening until you can feel that you are causing air to come through. Then, brush again.

Why are my i12 AirPods flashing red?

The blinking red light means that it’s charging. Answer: It means they are not fully charged yet.

How long do i12 AirPods last?

i12 tws Wireless Version: 5.0 Bluetooth Headset with Mic Bluetooth Headset (White, True Wireless)

Wireless Type BLUETOOTH
Battery Life 4.5 hr
Battery Capacity 50 mAh
Charging Time 1 HOUR
Play Time 4 hr

Why is only 1 of my earbuds working?

On Android, it will really depend on the type of device you use. Generally, you should be able to change this by going into Settings > Accessibility. Here you will see the Mono Audio option. Switching that on will ensure the full music and audio will play through one ear.

Is i12 AirPods fake?

But where the AirPods connected almost instantly, the i12 took a long time to be detected by the iPhone….Fake AirPods Are Flooding The Market – We Bought A Pair And This Is What We Found.

Product Name TWS i12 Headphone Apple AirPods
Connectivity Wireless Wireless

Why can I only hear out of one earbud?

If you only hear audio from the left side of your headphones, make sure the audio source has stereo output capability. IMPORTANT: A mono device will only output sound to the left side. Generally, if a device has an output jack labeled EARPHONE it will be mono, while an output jack labeled HEADPHONE will be stereo.

How do I fix my left AirPod?

If your left or right AirPod isn’t working

  1. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods.
  3. Tap Forget This Device, then tap to confirm.
  4. Place both AirPods in your charging case.
  5. Press and hold the setup button for a few seconds, until you see the status light flashing white.

What cool things can AirPods do?

Here’s a closer look at the cool things the AirPods can do, including some you definitely don’t know about.

  • Take a Call Automatically When You Put Them In.
  • Voice Control With Hey Siri.
  • Share Audio With Friends.
  • Tell You Who is Calling Without Looking at Your Phone.
  • Read Your Messages.
  • Use One Bud at a Time.

Do i12 AirPods have a mic?

The headphones are great for sports and leisure activities. The range is up to 10 meters. The i12 TWS are the best alternative you can find for the Apple AirPods 2….TECHGEAR i12 Tws Wireless Bluetooth Airpods Earbuds Headphone Bluetooth Headset (Black, In the Ear)

Sweat Proof Yes
With Microphone Yes

How do I check the battery on my i12 Airpod?

Hold the AirPods near to the paired device and open the case. 3. A pop up will appear at the bottom of the screen. It will show the battery life of the AirPods and their case.

How do you fix wireless earbuds when only one works?

Ruling Out Phone or PC Settings

  1. Try another pair of earphones. The first step is to get a pair of perfectly working earphones and connect them to your device.
  2. Restart the device. Another simple fix you may want to try is restarting your device.
  3. Check the settings.
  4. Clean the headphone jack.

Can I get AirPods for free?

– It’s easy to claim! Essentially, through the Apple Education store, you can get a free set of second-generation AirPods when purchasing a new Macbook or iPad. You don’t need to provide any ID or certificates upfront if you’re a US student, either. Here’s everything you need to know.

How do you fix Inpods 12 with one side working?

Step 1: Delete the left and right earbuds pairing information (Reset the i12 TWS). In pairing mode, 5 click the power button until LED lit RED. Step 2: Long press the function key for 5 seconds to turn on the i12 TWS. Step 3: Enter pairing mode, pairing time is about 5 seconds, prompt tone “pairing mode”.

How do you pair Inpods 12 to each other?


  1. Press the button on the charging dock station;
  2. Take out the two earbuds together, and they will pair to each other within 5-30 seconds. After pairing, one Bluetooth indicator light will flash once a long time, and the other Bluetooth will blink red and blue;

Why is only my left AirPod working?

Tap Bluetooth, and then tap the ‘i’ icon next to your AirPods in the list. Tap Forget this Device. Ensure that both AirPods are in their charging case and that the case has charge.

How do I reset my touch 2 c5?

Step 1: While the headphones are charging (the white LED indicator of earbuds is on), double-press the power keys of both sides to reset the headphones. Remove both the headphones from charging case, then both headphones power on automatically and connect each other within 60 seconds.

How do you pair left and right earbuds?

Take the left and right earbuds out the case and long press the touch control area at the same time for about 3 seconds or until you see a white LED light flashing on both earbuds. It is very important that you long press the left and right earbud at the same time.

What if I lost 1 AirPod?

If you lose an AirPod or your Charging Case, we can replace your lost item for a fee. If we need to replace your AirPods or Charging Case, your replacement will be new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.