How do you make a adult Mickey Mouse costume?

How do you make a adult Mickey Mouse costume?

How to Make an Adult Mickey Mouse Costume

  1. Start with a black top. Since Mickey is a black mouse, long sleeves would be best.
  2. Add black tights or pants for the mouse “legs.”
  3. Grab a pair of bright red shorts and pull them over the tights or pants.
  4. Tie on some yellow shoes.
  5. Add white gloves and black mouse ears.

How do you make a homemade mouse dress?

With a few simple tools and a little creativity, you can create an adorable mouse costume for your child.

  1. Stuff the gray tube sock with fiberfill.
  2. Cut two gray ears with two pink ear insides out of felt.
  3. Cut a small circle of pink felt for the mouse belly.
  4. Dress your child in their sweatsuit.
  5. Add makeup to her face.

How do you make a mouse tail for a costume?

Make the mouse-tail. Take a tube sock that is the same color as the outer mouse ears and the hoodie (or pink). Fill it with newspaper or fiberfill so that it looks like a tail, then sew, glue, or pin it to either the bottom back of the sweatshirt or the back waistband of the sweatpants.

How do you make a mouse headband?


  1. Create a template for the ears.
  2. Create a template for the inner ear and cut out 2 inner ears from pink felt.
  3. Apply glue to the back of the each ear and fold in half.
  4. Slide the ears onto the headband and apply glue if needed to hold ears in place.
  5. Optional Sewn Mouse Ears: I also made a fancier sewn version.

How do you make a mickey mouse costume?

Classic Mickey Mouse Costume. This sweet Mickey Mouse costume is the easiest of the bunch!

  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse Costume. With the wave of your wand (and a few stitches on your sewing machine) you’ll be able to sew up the Sorcerer’s hat that
  • Mickey and the Roadster Racers Costume.
  • How to make a mickey mouse costume?

    The most magical place on earth got even more magical thanks to this wholesome interaction. It started when a deaf boy shyly approached three employees in costume as Pluto, Mickey, and Minnie. At first, he tried speaking to Pluto using sign language.

    How to make a mouse costume?

    A headband (the thicker ones are easier to hold the ears up and don’t slide as much)

  • Fabric of your choice.
  • A needle and thread (close to the color of your fabric or white)
  • Hot glue.
  • Polyester Stuffing.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil and paper.
  • A bow if you want to make Minnie ears instead of Mickey ears.
  • How to put on the mickey mouse mascot costume?

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