How do you make a footnote reference list in Word?

How do you make a footnote reference list in Word?

Word for Windows (2010 and 2007)

  1. Open your document and select the References tab. In the Footnotes group, click Show Notes.
  2. Select the notes you want to convert, and then right-click. Select Convert to Footnote or Convert to Endnote.

How do you add a space before header in Word?

Getting the Expected Space Before a Heading

  1. Display the Word Options dialog box.
  2. Click Advanced at the left of the dialog box.
  3. Scroll to the very end of the options in the dialog box.
  4. Click the plus sign to the left of Layout Options.
  5. Scroll through the list of options until you find the option called Suppress Space Before After a Hard Page or Column Break.

How do I manually insert a table of contents in Word 2010?

To insert a Manual Table for your TOC in Word, simply:

  1. Click into your document where you want your TOC.
  2. Navigate to the References tab.
  3. Open the Table of Contents dropdown menu.
  4. Select Manual Table.

How do I add a heading in Word?

To add a heading style

  1. Type the text you want into a Word document.
  2. Select a sentence that you want to add a header to.
  3. Select Home > Styles (or press Alt+H, then L), and then select the heading you want, such as the Heading 1 button.

How do I add a header to the navigation pane in Word?

In the Navigation pane, click the Headings tab. Do any of the following: To move part of the document, click the heading and drag it to a new location. To change the heading’s level or add a heading, right-click the heading, and then choose the action you want.

How do I add a header and footer in Word 365?

Insert a header or footer

  1. Go to Insert > Header or Footer.
  2. Choose the header style you want to use. Tip: Some built-in header and footer designs include page numbers.
  3. Add or change text for the header or footer.
  4. Select Close Header and Footer or press Esc to exit.