How do you superscript in Powerpoint?

How do you superscript in Powerpoint?

To make text appear slightly above (superscript) or below (subscript) your regular text, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Select the character that you want to format.
  2. For superscript, press Ctrl, Shift, and the Plus sign (+) at the same time. For subscript, press Ctrl and the Equal sign (=) at the same time.

Where do you put superscript references?

Where to place the superscript? The superscript number 1 is inserted into the document immediately next to the fact, concept, or quotation being cited. If citing more than one reference at the same point, separate the numbers with commas and no spaces between.

How do you type subscript 3?

For superscript, simply press Ctrl + Shift + + (press and hold Ctrl and Shift, then press +). For subscript, press CTRL + = (press and hold Ctrl, then press =).

How do I add a reference from EndNote to Word?

Inserting citations into a Word Document Search for references in any open EndNote library. Select citations >>Insert. Go into your EndNote library, select reference(s) from your list and select the insert citation into Word icon from the toolbar. This will insert the reference(s) into your Word document.

How do I add references to EndNote online?

Adding References from Library Databases to EndNote Online

  1. Go to the article record page by clicking on the article title in the search results list.
  2. From the record page, click on the Export link the right-side tool bar.
  3. Select the option for Direct Export to EndNote Web and click the Save button.
  4. The selected record has now been added to your EndNote Online library.

How do you write fractions in PowerPoint?

Click the “Insert” tab, then “Symbols” and then select “Equation.” Click the “Fractions” icon before typing any numbers and select the format you want, such as a skewed, linear or small fraction. The preview in each thumbnail shows you how the fraction will appear.