How frequent is the Mudeford Ferry?

How frequent is the Mudeford Ferry?

approximately every 15 minutes
We operate approximately every 15 minutes from Mudeford Quay to Mudeford Pontoon for Mudeford Sandbank and Hengistbury Head. Also see our fast boat ride ADVENTURE VOYAGES.

Is Mudeford Quay ferry running?

Mudeford Ferry Times We operate everyday from 1st April March to late October, please check the ferry times as they can differ each year. We also operate Winter Weekends weather permitting. When the flag is flying – we are running.

Is the ferry running from Christchurch to Mudeford?

Bournemouth Boating offer a Vintage Ferry Service from Christchurch Quay to Mudeford Beach (Mudeford Sandbanks). The service begins its season at Easter and runs every day until the end of October.

Is mudeford worth visiting?

Mudeford is a fantastic location for families and young children. The ferry and the road train are always memorable experiences, and Avon beach is child-safe beach. In Mudeford Quay is achildren’s play area, while the large field overlooking the harbour is ideal for a picnic.

Can you BBQ at Mudeford?

Due to being so close to Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve, BBQs are not allowed at Mudeford Sandbank Beach. Open fires, fire pits and fire bowls are not permitted at any time on the beach, promenade, cliffs, cliff tops or woodland areas.

How long is the walk at Hengistbury Head?

3.7 Mile
Hengistbury Head 3.7 Mile Circular Walk.

Can you swim at Mudeford?

This beach offers good bathing and magnificent views as well. The harbour side is not really suitable for swimming but is extensively used for water sports. The eastern side of Mudeford Spit is broken up into sections by a series of (mainly) wooden groynes.

Can you swim at Mudeford Sandbank?

Superb beach, and can be busy, but a not so hidden gem on this part of the coastline. Great for swimming and sunbathing.

Are beach BBQS legal?

With nothing to spoil or set fire to, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to use a BBQ on the beach providing you do so in a responsible manner, and clean up any mess that you make.

How much does it cost to park at Hengistbury Head?

The car park is locked between 10pm and 5am. Height limit 2.1m….Hengistbury Head Car Park Charges.

Apr-Oct Nov-Mar
Up to 1 hour £2.20 £1.90
Up to 2 hours £4.40 £1.90
Up to 3 hours £5.60 £3.80
Up to 4 hours £6.80 £3.80

How long is Southbourne beach?

seven miles
Come along to the beach and check out our view all along the seven miles all of the way down to Sandbanks.

Is Hengistbury beach Sandy?

Hengistbury Head is a relatively unspoilt beach, consistently featuring in the annual TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice® awards for Beaches. It has a south-facing pebble beach, with imposing clay and ironstone cliffs, and soft, sandy beaches at Mudeford spit, which is lined with the famous colourful Mudeford beach huts.

How much is the ferry from Hengistbury Head to Mudeford?

Hengistbury Head Visitors centre was opened in 2015 and is well worth a visit. The cost of a single one way fare on the Mudeford Ferry (from Mudeford Quay to Mudeford Sandbank) is £2.00 and 70p for children. Dogs, cats and parrots FREE.

How do I get to Hengistbury Head?

Some people make a round trip starting at Mudeford Quay and taking the ferry to the Sandbank, walk or use the Land Train to Wick, Wick Ferry to Christchurch and then bus or walk to Mudeford. Use the Google Map for directions. Hengistbury Head Visitors centre was opened in 2015 and is well worth a visit.

What is the Hengistbury Head project?

Hengistbury Head is a dramatic headland in Bournemouth situated to the south of Christchurch Harbour. It is an outstanding site for wildlife and archaeology and offers beautiful beaches and views across the New Forest, Isle of Wight and Purbecks.

What to do in hengisbury?

Picturesque beach huts bask in the sun, flanked by unspoilt beach. Choose to sit and watch the yachts in the harbour, the waves gently rolling in from the sea or visit the site of the ancient ironworks on Hengisbury Head.