How is the anaesthetic machine checked?

How is the anaesthetic machine checked?

Check the machine for leaks by covering the common gas outlet with your thumb. DO NOT maintain the pressure for long (as this may cause damage). The oxygen flow will drop from 4L/min and there should be an audible hiss from the high pressure relief valve.

How do you check a scavenging anesthesia machine?

If the scavenging collection bag becomes too distended, the positive-pressure relief valve will open and allow WAG to escape into the room. If suction/vacuum on the scavenging interface is set too high, then there is potential for the active scavenging system to pull fresh gas away from the patient.

Why is it important to check the anaesthetic machine?

The purpose of this detailed check is to ensure the machine is safe to use. The careful attention to the check is a reflection of good practice which the practitioner’s codes of professional practice demand (HPC 2004, NMC 2004).

How often should anesthesia machines be checked?

Any machine with a rebreathing circuit must be inspected and serviced by an authorized anesthetic machine service provider annually. The Soda lime/Baralyme (CO2 absorbers) should be changed regularly; minimally this should occur at least once after every 12 hours of use.

How do you check anesthesia preoperative?

The anesthesia machine is checked through ticking every single component of the machine for every single requirement when it meets the standard of checking. Other criteria of checking include the safety in case of failure or malfunction of the anesthesia machine during the surgical procedure.

What does Aagbi stand for?


Acronym Definition
AAGBI Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland

What is scavenging in anaesthesia?

Definition Scavenging is the collection and removal of vented anesthetic gases from the OR. Since the amount of anesthetic gas supplied usually far exceeds the amount necessary for the patient, OR pollution (and the consequent threat to occupational health) is decreased by scavenging.

How do you maintain an anesthesia machine?

SERVICE. Care and maintenance involves daily, weekly, and/or monthly procedures performed to keep the machine in optimum working condition. This includes changing the soda sorb, filling the vaporizer, removing moisture, and cleaning the machine.

What is the one thing that should be done to every anesthetic machine as part of your pre anesthesia setup and checklist?

Two essential safety features to have on every anesthetic machine are (1) an in-circuit manometer and (2) a safety pop-off valve.

What are the safety features of Anaesthesia machine?


  • Gas supplies: From the central pipeline to the machine as well as cylinders.
  • Flow meters.
  • Vaporizers.
  • Fresh gas delivery: Breathing systems and ventilators.
  • Scavenging.
  • Monitoring.

What is reservoir bag?

Reservoir bags are bladder-type bags, made of latex-free material or silicone, ranging in size from 1 L to 8 L. The 3-L reservoir bag is the most frequently used in dentistry (Fig. 14.21).