How long do commercial vacuums last?

How long do commercial vacuums last?

How long do vacuum cleaners last? According to Consumer Reports, vacuum cleaners last a median of eight years.

What does commercial vacuum mean?

Commercial vacuums are performance-focused. Commercial vacuums are built for heavy use and designed to perform better than average vacuums, offering greater suction power, motor power, cleaning capacity, and even greater energy efficiency.

Can the Bissell Big Green Clean tile?

You may be asking yourself, can I use my Bissell carpet cleaner on tile floors? The answer to this is absolutely! The Bissell carpet cleaner does not have metal pieces that will damage your tiles and the high-quality bristles are gentle enough for a tile floor.

What vacuum do professionals use?

Our Top Picks

Model Features
Best HEPA ProTeam CoachVac Operates quietly CRI Gold certification
Best Bagless Bissell Cleanview Operates quietly CRI Gold certification
Best Heavy Duty Sanitaire TRADITION Durable power cord Low maintenance
Best handheld BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Strong suction power Smart charge technology

What can I use instead of Bissell cleaning formula?

To make a carpet shampoo used by many Bissell owners, mix the following: a half cup of laundry detergent (no bleach), a half cup of liquid laundry softener, one cup of ammonia and one gallon of water. Store the mixture in a large jug. This will be enough for several cleanings.

What is Bissell biggreen commercial?

The Bissell name is synonymous with cleaning efficiency. Bissell BigGreen Commercial brings that legacy to the commercial industry by applying our company core values to our commercial products.

Why choose biggreen commercial?

Bissell BigGreen commercial is committed to bringing that same passion to the commercial equipment industry through our dedication to customer service, development of quality products and focus on innovative ideas to maximize the efficiency of commercial cleaning.

How long have we been working with Bissell commercial?

We here At All Brand Vacuums have been working with Bissell Commercial for more than 8 years. In all that time, I cannot recall having been dis-satisfied with their attention to my requests or needs. I represent 21 vacuum brands of portable & Central vacuums as an Authorized Warranty Service Center.

Who is Bissell cleaning?

Founded by Anna and Melville Bissell in 1876, Bissell remains a family-owned company passionate about helping you effectively and easily clean your home so you can put down the vacuum, enjoy life and come home to a deeper clean.