How long do house flies pupate?

How long do house flies pupate?

three to six days
Over the course of three to six days, the pupae develop legs and wings, ultimately emerging as full-grown house flies. Within two to three days, female house flies are capable of reproduction.

What is the life cycle of Musca domestica?

Life Cycle and Seasonal History The house fly develops in four stages: egg, larva, pupal, and adult. Adult females lay eggs singly but in small piles in a nutrient-rich, moist location. They can lay as many as 500 eggs over a three to four day period, and several flies will deposit eggs in close proximity.

How long does it take for house fly eggs to hatch?

eight to 20 hours
The female house fly can lay anywhere from 75 to 150 eggs in a batch. She can lay an estimated five or six batches of eggs during her lifetime, starting on average, about 12 days after reaching full maturity. Eggs take eight to 20 hours to hatch and reach the first of three larval stages.

What are the four stages of a housefly?

Domestic flies all have a similar life cycle. There are four stages of growth -egg, larva (or maggot), pupa, and adult.

What is the lifespan of a female house fly?

15 to 30 days
The life expectancy of a housefly is generally 15 to 30 days and depends upon temperature and living conditions. Flies dwelling in warm homes and laboratories develop faster and live longer than their counterparts in the wild.

Where does Musca domestica lay eggs?

The adult flies are not parasitic, but when they lay their eggs in open wounds and these hatch into their larval stage (also known as maggots), the larvae feed on live and/or necrotic tissue, causing accidental myiasis to develop.

How quickly can a fly lay eggs?

Lesser Houseflies breed prolifically in poultry manure, but will also breed in other moist decaying matter. Egg laying begins after the adult female is 10 days old, with maggots hatching within 24- 48hours. Larval development takes approximately 8-10 days, with development from egg to adult taking about 3 weeks.

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