How many barangays are in Libagon Southern Leyte?

Is Southern Leyte in Western Visayas?

How many barangays are in Libagon Southern Leyte?

14 barangays
Libagon is politically subdivided into 14 barangays.

Is Southern Leyte in Western Visayas?

Southern Leyte (Cebuano: Habagatang Leyte; Tagalog: Timog Leyte) is a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is the city of Maasin.

What region is Sogod Southern Leyte?

Eastern Visayas
Sogod, Southern Leyte

Country Philippines
Region Eastern Visayas
Province Southern Leyte
District 2nd district

Who is the mayor of Libagon Southern Leyte?


Category Fifth Class Municipality 2016-2021
Region REGION VIII (Eastern Visayas) Southern Leyte
Mayor SABINA RANQUE 15,244
Website NDA
Address Libagon, Southern Leyte Tel: 09175454247

How many provinces are in Leyte?

Politically, the island is divided into two provinces: (Northern) Leyte and Southern Leyte.

Is Tacloban Southern Leyte?

Tacloban, chartered city, northeastern Leyte, Philippines. It is located on San Pedro Bay at the southern entrance to San Juanico Strait. Tacloban is the largest city and distributing centre in the eastern Visayan Islands (Leyte and Samar) group.

What region is Eastern Visayas region?

Region VIII
Eastern Visayas (Waray: Sinirangan Kabisay-an; Cebuano: Sidlakang Kabisay-an; Tagalog: Silangang Kabisayaan or Silangang Visayas) is an administrative region in the Philippines, designated as Region VIII. It consists of three main islands, Samar, Leyte and Biliran.

Which is bigger Ormoc or Tacloban?

Among the cities (excluding Tacloban City) and municipalities in the region, the largest in terms of population size is Ormoc City, Leyte (215,031).