How many Yashoda hospitals are there in India?

How many Yashoda hospitals are there in India?

3 independent
Yashoda Hospitals in India: List of Top Yashoda Hospitals. Yashoda Group of Hospitals is a trusted name in the health care industry, providing quality medical services to people for their diverse medical needs. The hospital network includes 3 independent hospitals, 3 Heart Institutes and 3 Cancer Institutes.

How many Hospitals does Kim have in Hyderabad?

9 hospitals
Currently, the KIMS Group operates 9 hospitals across the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The KIMS Hospital Group is certified by NABH and NABL….Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (hospital group)

Type Public
Number of locations Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam, Kurnool, Nellore, Rajahmundry, Ongole, Srikakulam, Anantpur, Kondapur
Area served India, South Asia

How many beds are there in Yashoda Hospital Secunderabad?

The Secunderabad branch is NABH accredited and has a capacity of over 600 beds. It also has 3000 trained staff including doctors, nurses, and support staff.

Who is the chairman of Yashoda hospital?

Dr Dinesh Arora, Chairman of Yashoda Groups of Hospitals, Ghaziabad, stands testimony to a person of excellence personified with a confluence of proficiencies including ability, dexterity, aptitude and competence.

Who is the founder of kamineni hospitals?

Sri Kamineni Suryanarayana
Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences

కామినేని వైద్య విజ్ఞాన సంస్థ
Founder Sri Kamineni Suryanarayana
Principal Dr. Shruthi Mohanty
Undergraduates 200 per year
Location Narketpally , Telangana , India

Who is Kims owner?

Mohammed Illias Sahadulla (born 4 June 1945) is an Indian physician and a developer of healthcare facilities in Kerala. He is the Founder Chairman & Managing Director of KIMS Healthcare Management Limited (also known as KIMS Group).

Who is the owner of KIMS Hospital Hyderabad?

Bhaskar Rao Bollineni
Bhaskar Rao Bollineni is an Indian entrepreneur and cardiothoracic surgeon who founded the chain of KIMS Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Who is the CEO of Yashoda hospital Hyderabad?

G. Devender Rao, and established Yashoda Group of Hospitals. He currently heads the Group and designs tight internal controls in running Yashoda Hospitals efficiently. His engineering and entrepreneur skills helped in the growth of the Group and established it as a national player in healthcare sector in India.

Who is the CEO of Yashoda Hospital Hyderabad?

Which is India’s largest hospital?

Also known as Calicut Medical College, the Kerala-based hospital is the biggest in India, with just over 3,000 beds.

Who is Shobana Kamineni husband?

Anil KamineniShobana Kamineni / Husband