How much does Fiveable cost?

How much does Fiveable cost?

Much of it is free, so students and teachers of any background have access. There are paid offerings, too, like “cram passes” of extra materials for as low as $5, or the recently launched Fiveable Courses, where $55 unlocks a full-fledged, 15-week course on an AP subject.

Who created Fiveable?

Amanda DoAmaral
Fiveable was founded in 2018 by Amanda DoAmaral, the current CEO, and Tán Ho, the chief experience officer.

What is hours Fiveable?

Fiveable Acquires Hours, A Virtual Studying Platform Founded By A 16-year-old High School Junior. As AP Exams Kick Off, New Product Offering Helps Students Increase Motivation, Accountability Through Peer-to-peer Support. Fiveable.

How many hours should you study per credit hour?

approximately 2-3 hours
Research suggests that students should spend approximately 2-3 hours, per credit hour, studying in order to be successful in their courses. STEM classes often require 3-4 hours, per credit hour, of studying to be successful.

Who runs Fiveable?

Fiveable was co-founded in 2018 by educator and activist Amanda DoAmaral along with community builder Tán Ho and has supported more than 7M high school students.

How does Fiveable work?

On a mission to democratize learning, Fiveable allows students and teachers to collaborate through live-streamed reviews, competitive trivia games, and interactive community discussions.

Who owns 5able?

CEO Amanda DoAmaral
“We’re the hallways of the educational internet,” said Fiveable co-founder and CEO Amanda DoAmaral.

How many hours should you study for a 4 credit course?

Example: 4 unit course 4 units x 3 hours of studying (per unit) = 12 hours of study time (These are suggestions for weekly study hours. Actual times for your courses may vary.)

Where is Fiveable based?

Milwaukee-based edtech platform Fiveable is merging with the online platform Hours.