How much does it cost to tour the USS Iowa?

How much does it cost to tour the USS Iowa?

Battleship Iowa

Ticket Type Retail Price
Adult $22.95 $20.50
Child3-11 years old $14.95 $13.50
Senior/MilitarySeniors Ages 62+ Active/Ret/Reserve Military (w/ID) $19.95 $18.00

Can you go inside the USS Iowa?

Your visit and/or donation supports education, veterans, and community programs at Battleship USS Iowa Museum – a 501c3 non-profit organization. Open daily for museum tours from 10am to 4pm. Overnight programs, event rentals, and filming available daily.

Is the USS Iowa still floating?

Outfitted with nine 16-inch guns and 20 five-inch guns, the battleship took part in every major military operation from World War II until it was decommissioned for the last time in 1990. It is now berthed with the National Defense Reserve Fleet at Suisun Bay near San Francisco.

What happened to the Iowa class battleships?

During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Missouri and Wisconsin fired missiles and 16-inch (406 mm) guns at Iraqi targets. Costly to maintain, the battleships were decommissioned during the post-Cold War draw down in the early 1990s.

Is USS Iowa worth visiting?

If your family and friends are not military buffs, the ship still attracts their attention. The size of the ship, the big guns, its organization and layout, how the sailors lived…it is just awesome. For them a 2 to 3 hour visit is worth it.

Who would win USS Iowa vs Bismarck?

While Bismarck would avoid a nighttime duel, Iowa would welcome it—and its 2.5-knot advantage in speed means it can force a night battle if it wants to, chasing Bismarck down before sunrise. Iowa’s combination of the Mk 13 fire control radar and Mk 7 shells means it can fire first, hit first, and hurt first.

What kind of ship is the USS Iowa?

Battleship USS Iowa served our country proudly in WWII, Korea, and the Cold War. Today, the historic U.S. Navy ship is an iconic Los Angeles landmark and considered one of the region’s best outdoor museums for families and visitors of all ages.

Is the USS Iowa Museum open for tours?

Battleship USS Iowa Museum is Open! Explore L.A.’s award-winning naval history museum in-person or online. We are open for safe in-person tours. Learn about U.S. battleships.

Why donate to battleship USS Iowa?

Your donations are critical to the survival of the Battleship USS Iowa. USS Iowa’s history began in 1943 and continues through today. Volunteer to be a member of today’s Battleship USS Iowa crew. Battleship USS Iowa is a community platform leveraged for engaging and impactful programs.

What is the battleship Iowa private guided tour?

For those that want a more personalized tour experience while visiting the Battleship IOWA, the Private Guided Tour is for you. This exclusive add-on optional tour requires all members of your group to first purchase the self-guided General Access Pass.