How much is a 1 10 ounce gold coin worth?

How much is a 1 10 ounce gold coin worth?

The one-tenth ounce (1/10 oz) has a face value of $5 and weighing 3.93 grams.

How much is a Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin worth?

9999 pure gold in BU condition. The face value of $50 (CAD) is fully backed by the Canadian government. On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth II….2021 Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz Gold Coin Specifications.

Weight 1 oz
Year 2021
Coins Series Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
Classification Modern
Face Value $50 CAD

How many grams is a 1/10 gold maple?


Metal Type Gold
Weight In Ounces 0.10
Weight In Grams 3.11035
Composition .9999 pure gold
Diameter 16mm

How big is a 10th oz gold coin?

A 1/10 oz. American Gold Eagle is 16.5 mm in diameter and 1.26 mm thick.

How much does 10 ounces of gold cost?

Gold Bullion Bar 10 Ounce

Weight: Spot Price: Buy Price:
10.00 oz $ 19,010.90 $ 19,866.39

How do I sell my Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin?

Select the gold coins you want to sell from our product list, we make it easy. Call us at 1 877 775-4826 (US and Canada), 1 514 313-9999 (international) if you have any trouble and our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you.

How much does a Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin weigh?

1.00 troy oz
It is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Gold Maple Leaf is legal tender with a face value of 50 Canadian dollars….Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

Value 50.00 CAD (face value)
Mass 31.11 g (1.00 troy oz)
Diameter 30.00 mm (1.1811 in)
Edge Serrated

Are Canadian gold coins legal tender?

However, unlike Canadian circulation coins, collector coins are non-circulating legal tender (NCLT). As such, these coins are not intended for daily commercial transactions and accepting them as payment or for redemption is at the discretion of businesses and financial institutions.

How do I sell my Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins?

How much gold is in a gold maple leaf?

Unlike most gold bullion the Maple Leaf is considered a pure gold coin, with a gold content of 99.99 percent (99.9 percent for coins made between 1979 and 1982). Limited edition coins with a purity of 99.999 percent are also available.